3D Printing Materials

Wide Selection of Materials for All Your 3D Printing Needs

High Resolution Resins

For Ultra-High Resolution Printers of 8K and Above

Standard Resins

Best for Miniatures and Tabletops

Jewelry Resins

Perfect for Jewelry Making

Functional Resins

With Superior Engineering Qualities


Quality Material for High-Speed Printing

For Ultimate Printing precision

High Resolution Resins

Best for miniatures and tabletops

Standard Resins

Perfect for Jewelry Making

Jewelry Resins

With Superior Engineering Qualities

Functional Resins

Quality material for high-speed printing

High-Speed PLA

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Release your creativity with our superior 3D printing resins. Do you need to print your prototypes? Or you’re a homegrown figure maker? No matter what you print, with our 3D resins you will achieve a completely new level of detail and quality. Order them now and see for yourself how good your 3D models can be!

3D printing resins for models, jewelry, functional items and more

Our high-quality 3D printing resins will prove excellent for any purpose! Do you make professional 3D-printed jewelry? Detailed models? Items of everyday use? Phrozen’s 3D resins will be perfect in all these cases and more! We have a wide variety of choices which will satisfy your needs both as a professional and as an amateur. So, it doesn't matter who you are and why you are printing – our 3D resins will help you achieve the best results!

Our jewelry resins are extremely efficient when preparing complex, creative projects. They are also ultra durable when used for thin elements – so popular in jewelry making. Combine it with lots of colors that they come in, and you can be sure that your clients will fall in love with the products made with our 3D printing resins.

Functional resins, on the other hand, will be perfect for creating mechanical components. Do you need to replace a small screw or machine element? Our 3D printing resins will be the perfect material for such projects. Durable, flexible, with superior engineering qualities – simply the best.

3D printing resins – the highest print quality

Our offer includes resins for the highest available printing quality. If you desire to make items from the top shelf, you can choose our 8K 3D printing resins – the best printing standard available on the market. Do you accept only the best of the best? These 3D printing resins will help you satisfy your needs!

If you, on the other hand, require something less sparky, yet still enabling you to create beautiful models, you can opt for our 4K 3D printing resins. They are the golden means between quality and price. After all, when watching video, we rarely opt for something lesser than the 4K standard, so why should it be different with printing?

Why should you order our 3D printing resins?

Apart from being top-notch, our 3D printing resins come with many additional advantages. We prepare them carefully with the most common 3D printing resins issues in mind, thus you can be sure that they are: 

Low odor – We understand how important this is, especially for amateurs who do not have the space for a separate workshop. Therefore, all our resins are prepared with this issue in mind, so you can be sure that your home will not smell after printing.

Precise – The most complex models require precise 3D printing resins, and it is exactly what we provide. With them, even the most elaborate projects will be printed out perfectly.

Low shrinkage – Shrinking can destroy even the most beautiful projects. Thus, we made sure that this process is minimal when using our 3D resins.

So do not wait – pick one of our numerous products and enhance your 3D printing! Better is the enemy of good, isn’t it?