What Makes the Arco Unique?

The Arco combines large printing volume with fast printing speed and multicolor printing, all while implementing Klipper open-source firmware.

Larger and More Creations at Once

Dive into boundless creativity with Phrozen Arco's expansive 300*300*300 mm³ printing volume. Simultaneously print multiple sets or larger models at once. Unleash your imagination with a large-volume multicolor FDM 3D printer.

It’s Big, It’s Colorful

Get colorful prints straight from the bed! Driven by the Chroma Kit Multicolor Printing System, Phrozen Arco brings bright, vivid color to your creations with a breeze.

12x Faster Acceleration

Solid Gears, Stronger Extrusions

Empowered by dual 18 mm metal gears and a 9.5:1 reduction ratio HGX extruder, Arco’s provides precise control over filament feeding.

Patented Direct Extrusion Path (DEP) Technology

By reducing the distance between the heat source and the gears, Arco efficiently reduces extrusion times for faster response and steadier filament extrusion, even for soft materials like TPU.

Print a Variety of Materials

Thanks to its precise feeding control and DEP (Direct Extrusion Path) technology, the Arco's fast response speeds support various printing materials, including PLA, PETG, soft filament like TPU, and carbon fiber-reinforced composite filament like PET CF15.

Improved Structure, Higher Stability

To achieve a super stable Core-XY structure and minimal wobbling for top-quality printing,  the Arco is enhanced with a low-gravity base design and 4 thickened aluminum pillars.

A Complete 3D Printing Ecosystem


PIXUP Slicer is developed specifically for the Arco to ensure seamless integration and perfect compatibility for smoother color printing on the Chroma Kit.

Enhanced Attention to Detail

PEI Plate

Effortlessly remove printed models with the heat-resistant magnetic PEl build plate. Snaps any model off without any hassle.

Phrozen Arco is now available on our official website to pre-order

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Arco Specifications

Specification Table
Printing Volume 300*300*300 mm³
Chroma Kit Up to 4 colors
Extrusion System Dual 18 mm metal extrusion gears, all-metal hot end
Printing Speed 600 mm/s (max.); 30,000 mm/s² acceleration (max.)
Maximum Hotend Flow Rate 32 mm³/s (at 280°C with Phrozen high-speed PLA filament)
Heated Bed Temperature 0–120°C
Nozzle Temperature 0–300°C
Printing Power 1500w @220v; 450w @110v
Input Voltage 110/220 V; 50/60 Hz
System Type (Firmware) Klipper
Slicer Compatible with most third-party FDM slicers (single-color printing)
PIXUP FDM Slicer (multicolor printing)
Display Screen 5 inches
Connection Wi-Fi, PIXUP FDM Slicer
Storage USB
Automatic Detection PID calibration, auto-leveling, vibration detection
Machine Weight 22 kg/48.5 lbs
Measurements 491x475x620 mm
19.3x18.7x24.4 inches
*More color will potentially be made available with future upgrades.