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If you're looking for a resin printer to produce highly accurate models like figurines, prototypes, or even usable parts, you'll find the perfect equipment at the Phrozen online shop. The equipment, which uses LCD technology, allows for incredible print accuracy, sure to increase your satisfaction level and simplify the 3D printing process.

Why choose 3D resin printers?

Resin 3D printers are known for their high resolution and ability to print even the finest detail, making them ideal for small and complex parts such as dental and jewelry models, but also bigger ones like prototypes and figurines. They use a range of photopolymer resins suited to different objects and applications, including those that mimic the look and texture of different materials such as ceramic, rubber, and others.

Here are some of the key features that contribute to the high-quality prints created by resin 3D printers:

  • High-resolution printing: Resin printers like Phrozen's use an LCD screen to cure the resin layer by layer, which allows for a much finer resolution than other types of 3D printing technology. This makes it possible to print even the smallest and most intricate designs.
  • Surface finish: Resin 3D printers can produce a smooth surface with a matte finish on the final objects.
  • Material properties: Resin 3D printers use different types of resins tailored in properties and colors for various applications. This allows for a maximum degree of realism in the final product.
  • Accuracy: The precision of the LCD screen allows the 3D printing process to achieve maximum precision in the prints, which is particularly useful for engineering, medical, jewelry, or dental applications.
  • Small-size printing: Resin printers can print objects with tiny features and details, which is impossible with other 3D printers.

Overall, resin 3D printers provide a whole new level of print quality that turns any project they produce into a real-world appearance. Phrozen 3D resin printers are ideal for creating models, prototypes, and figurines and for professional applications in dentistry, jewelry, or engineering.

Discover all the advantages of 3D resin printers

Resin 3D printers offer several key advantages over other types of 3D printing technology. First and foremost, the prints prepared with their help feature high resolution and the ability to refine even the most minor details. Also important is the ability to finish the surface in a smooth and matte version. Notably, the final objects printed with resin printers are known for their outstanding precision and details compared to items printed with other technologies. In addition, the process of creating the print itself is faster than with different types of 3D printers. The object is printed layer by layer, and the curing process occurs almost