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Upgrade your 3D-printed jewelry by using our 3D jewelry resins! Their first-class quality will help you produce the most beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces. After all, jewelry is supposed to be splendid, and our resins will be the foundation of it!

3D jewelry resins for professional jewelry makers

If you are a professional jewelry maker, you understand that your clients desire only top-level products. Therefore, our castable and heat-resistant 3D resins are designed specifically for jewelry making.

There are numerous advantages of using Phrozen’s jewelry resins. Firstly, they are extraordinarily precise. As a result, you can create even the most intricate jewelry models with them in order to prepare your molds. Secondly, they are low odor. This is especially important while working in smaller workshops, where it is difficult to eliminate unpleasant smell. Working in excellent conditions allows you to achieve a higher level of focus and therefore create better designs.

3D jewelry resins for beginners

If you just began crafting jewelry, or do it as a hobby, you can benefit from using our jewelry resins as well. Printing 3D models and then using them to create molds is an effective way to accelerate the jewelry-making process. Without having to carve every detail yourself, you will have time to explore many more ideas and experiment with your projects. 

Combining our high-temp jewelry resins with the RTV rubber molding technique will also help you create more jewelry pieces without fully professional equipment. Unlike the other methods, this one does not require heat, which makes it ideal in situations where you don’t have access to specialist tools. All you need to have is a mold box and some liquid RTV silicone, and you can prepare numerous molds to craft your jewelry faster than with any traditional technique!

Phrozen’s jewelry resins – a number of options to choose from

Our offer of jewelry resins is pretty large. We understand that every person might have slightly different needs, and every unique accessory might require a separate resin. Our selection includes resins designed for sustaining high temperatures, creating the thinnest elements, but also crafting the largest accessory pieces. You will certainly find the right resin for your jewelry!

Why Phrozen’s jewelry resins?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our jewelry resins. What are they?

  • Smooth surface finishing – We understand that your models need to be smooth to create the best molds and finally the most charming jewelry. Therefore, we made sure that our resins are capable of printing the most beautiful, well-polished items.
  • Easy casting –  Our resins made the castable process to be swift and effortless. We also provide the burnout schedule for each type of resin so you know exactly where to start. 
  • Precise – Precision is among the most important factors when creating small items such as rings or earrings. With our jewelry resins, you will achieve the best accuracy when putting your blueprints to life.

Did you just begin thinking about printing jewelry in 3D? Check our wide range of 3D printers to choose one of the best devices in the market!