Phrozen has partnered with Revopoint, a leading company in 3D scanner technology,
to help you perfectly replicate any object at any desired size using our 3D printers and resins.

product banner-2160X700-MIRACO-EN.png__PID:9deb86d4-8228-487e-84e4-6d0aaa724d8dproduct banner-Mobile-1000x1400-MIRACO-EN.png__PID:eb86d482-2888-4e04-a46d-0aaa724d8d6e
  • Standalone 3D scanner for small to large objects scanner.
  • Single-shot and continuous mode options.
  • Stable scanning with 9-axis IMU.
  • 48 MP RGB Camera.
  • Up to 2 hours of continuous scanning.

Single-Shot Mode

Precise tracking and accuracy for easy scanning even in hard-to-maneuver environments.

Fewer Cavities with Higher Quality

Scan at up to 15 fps speed for near and far mode scanning.

product banner-2160X700-INSPIRE-EN.png__PID:c13c50a3-db58-4385-8c0f-eb7c857a7c10product banner-Mobile-1000x1400-INSPIRE-EN.png__PID:50a3db58-0385-4c0f-ab7c-857a7c10faad
  • Up to 0.2 mm accuracy.
  • Up to 18 fps scanning speeds.
  • Up to 0.1 mm point distance.
  • Compact and light at just 140 g.
  • Stable scanning with 9-axis IMU.

User-Friendly Maker Tracking

Scan featureless objects with ease using the Magic Mat (a 50 cm x 50 cm mat with pre-placed marker points) and INSPIRE's dual infrared LEDs.

Vibrant Color Capture

Create eye-popping color scans with INSPIRE's RGB camera and Flash LED to remove shadows and capture accurate colors.

product banner-2160X700-POP3-EN.png__PID:c5f012df-8b5c-4e82-84f3-f201165bd78cproduct banner-Mobile-1000x1400-POP3-EN.png__PID:8b5c4e82-c4f3-4201-965b-d78c91ec74b1
  • Up to 0.05 mm accuracy.
  • Smooth scanning at 12–18fps.
  • Up to 0.1 mm point distance scanning.
  • Increased aperture size for better color scans.
  • 4 infrared LEDs enhanced tracking.

High Fidelity Color Scans

Create vibrant, lifelike 3D scans with POP 3’s improved RGB camera with a 30% larger aperture, letting more light reach the sensor while removing shadows.

Enhanced Tracking

POP 3’s furthest single capture range of 244 mm x 180 mm detects multiple features for accurate tracking, making tracking smoother even on featureless objects.


*Please note that the total price listed on customs, invoice, and the checkout page may differ due to logistic considerations.
*Please be responsible with what you create, respect the intellectual property of others, and give credit to designers and creators when applicable. Phrozen is not responsible for any product made with the use of Revopoint and Phrozen products.