2023 Community Highlight Rewind - Sonic Mini Series

2023 Community Highlight Rewind - Sonic Mini Series

Here's a little throwback to some of the finest miniatures in our 2023 Community Highlight, all printed with the Sonic Mini series.

Let's end the year with the most adorable miniatures of 2023 printed on one of our earliest series, the Sonic Mini series.

Need some inspiration for your 2024 minis? Keep reading!

Ashava the Pestilent

If you've encountered this character in your gameplay before, you must be pretty deep into your Diablo 4 game.

Easily recognizable by her two forearm blades and her power to coat the ground with poison, she's one of the many World Bosses in Diablo 4. As the first World Boss that you might defeat in about a week, she might not be the hardest boss you'll ever encounter, but it'll definitely take quite some fight before you can take her down.

This Ashava model was designed and sculpted by Perkunas Studio with such realistic details. Printed and painted by Mr. Joe from Mr. Joe Hobby TV with the ultimate combo of Sonic Mini 8K S and Aqua-Gray 8K, he made sure that every single detail was printed to perfection. Combined with his painting skills, Ashava is a World Boss that you don't want to encounter in real life.


Model by: Perkunas Studio
Printed and painted by: Mr. Joe Hobby


The Occult Herbmaster

Occult Herbmaster miniatures

Inspired by the pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG game — the MÖRK BORG, Flesh of Gods designed Occult Herbmaster miniatures, especially for fans of the game. Easily recognizable by their goat-like horns, they bring with them their mastery of brews and concoctions, with powers drawn out from the exotic foliage they carry with them.

Printed by Luther Caudle from War King Miniatures for Flesh of God, he utilized the power of Sonic Mini 8K S to breed out miniatures with such incredible details and precision. Take a look at the fur he carries, the details are truly one of a kind.

Printer: Sonic Mini 8K S
Model by: Flesh of God
Printed by: War King Miniatures


Beemo skins Teemo

Who would've guessed that this cute little character is a brave scout with boundless enthusiasm? Equipped with poison attack and magic damage, he takes pride in following the Bandle Scout's Code, sometimes unaware of the consequences of his actions.

Sculpted, printed, and painted by Sculpt_Fuwei, he take inspiration from the official Beemo skin cover of Teemo. The attention to detail he's putting on his work is truly remarkable. The shapes, the textures, and the painting job, Sculpt_Fuwei has done a wonderful job with this cute Beemo right here.

Printer: Sonic Mini 4K
Model by: Sculpt_Fuwei
Printed and painted by: Sculpt_Fuwei

Feudal Guard Army

Printed and painted Feudal Guard Army

Parts of the Grimdark Future Universe, the Feudal Guard Army, was created in collaboration with The Makers Cult. Serving as a standing army of heavily armored soldiers, the Feudal Guard was often seen as bait, paving the way for war for their superior to finish the game and claim the credit. 

Sam from Battle Brother Sam printed a whole army of Feudal Guard with his brand new Sonic Mini 8K S resin 3D printer. An affordable, entry-level printer to the 3D printing world, it'll maintain all the details on your models no matter how small your miniatures are.

Sam also did a remarkable painting job on this army right here. If you want to see his creation process, make sure to watch the video below:



Printer: Sonic Mini 8K S
Model by: The Makers Cult
Printed and painted by: Battle Brother Sam

Adorable Little Mouse Adventurer

cute little mouse adventurer printed on Sonic Mini 8K S

Maria has once again come with the most adorable little model to end the year. This 4 cm tall mouse model was designed by Lord of the Print for their The Tale of Archduke Mousin collection.

It's suitable for pretty much any RPG tabletop game like D&D, but it personally looks like a reminiscence of Reepicheep from Narnia or Despereaux Tilling from The Tale of Despereaux.

Printed on the Sonic Mini 8K S with a resin mix of Aqua-Gray 8K and ONYX Impact Plus to get the best quality of both worlds — an unbreakable piece with ultra-precision.

Printer: Sonic Mini 8K S
Model by: Lord of the Print
Printed and painted by: Maria ZN

What do you think of this  year's 2023 Community Highlight Rewind? Have you checked out the Sonic Mighty and Sonic Mega Series yet?

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