2023 Community Highlight Rewind — Sonic Mega Series

2023 Community Highlight Rewind — Sonic Mega Series

This year's community highlight is extra special with the recent launch of our Sonic Mega 8K S, offering a more affordable price point for an 8K resolution, large-format 3D printer. Want to see what others have created with their Mega this year? Check this out!

The end of the year is not complete unless we've done our annual Community Highlight Rewind. In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the biggest communities' creations of the year, printed on our Sonic Mega series printers.

3D Printed T-800 Cyborg

T-800 printed on Sonic Mega 8K S large size 3d printer

Also known as Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, or more popularly as the Terminator, the T-800 portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger is an iconic character that has transcended generations. With the Terminator franchise has been running for almost the past four decades, there's no way you're not familiar with this character.

Marco_workshop did an amazing job sculpting this character and has put meticulous work into each and every detail. Look closely into his cyborg half-face and see how Marco has so cleverly placed all the vent holes, merging them with the design so they become a feature instead of an eye-sore. It's definitely a wonderful collector piece for any Terminator fans out there.

This piece right here was brought to life by Ondrej Novotny on a Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D printer, a perfect tool to ensure every detail Marco crafted was realized in its final form. Even the texture on his clothes looks so real as if Arnold's busts right there and is dropped with a real piece of cloth.

Prints by: Ondrej Novotny
Printer: Sonic Mega 8K S
Model by: Marco Art

The Final of Attack on Titan Miniature Diorama

Attack on Titan miniature diorama

After running for the past decade, this much beloved post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy anime series finally ended its run in November 2023. As a tribute to this ending, ToyHigh decided to create an amazing diorama to portray a scene from the final season of the anime.

Thanks to the large size of the Sonic Mega 8K S, the Founding Titan, along with the dozens and a hundred of the Colossal Titans, could all fit easily on the Sonic Mega 8K S to be printed in just one batch.

Pay close attention to the Founding Titan head, and you'll see how thin and delicate each structure is, a testament to the printing capabilities of the Sonic Mega 8K S.

Prints by: ToyHigh
Printer: Sonic Mega 8K S
Model by: thesithcrafter

General Grievous Figurines

General Grievous Star Wars diorama

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain."

The legend of General Grievous is definitely a perfect portrayal of that famous quote. Originally known as Qymaen jai Sheelal, General Grievous is a reptilian humanoid native to the planet Kalee. During the Kaleesh war with the Huk species, his lover was killed on a mission, brought Sheelal to think that he was destined to forever mourn the loss of his love and rename himself as Grievous.

After losing to Grievous, the Huk turned to the Jedi, blaming their war on the Kaleesh and prompting them to punish the Kaleesh and bring misery to the clan. In the meantime, the InterGalactic Banking Clan saw potential in Grievous and decided to orchestrate Griveous's plane into crash, leaving him to accept the Clan's offer to reconstruct him with a cyber body and become the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies to seek revenge against the Jedi.

As an honor to General Grievous, Barney Lee printed out Qymaen jai Sheelal and Cyborg Grievous with the Sonic Mega 8K. To further elevate his creations, Barney also installed stunning LED works into the model, making those lightsabers light up in real life. Which of these two is your favorite?

Prints by: Barney Lee
Printer: Sonic Mega 8K
Model by: Star Wars 3D Models Patreon

Killjoy Figurine

valorant's killjoy large size figurine

Do you play Valorant? If you do, you'll immediately recognize this awesome resin 3D-printed resin by Jisoo Kim as Killjoy, the fourth agent to join the Protocol, with an incredibly smart brain. As a genius who uses her own inventions to assist her in combat, she is undoubtedly the smartest agent in the Protocol. She has strong confidence in herself and her intelligence, of course, with a feeling of self-importance.

After Jisoo Kim's huge Valorant diorama form last year, he continued his endeavor to create more characters from the game. This time, he printed Killjoy with the Water-Washable Resin on the Sonic Mega 8K. The massive size of the printer allows him to print out his model in bigger pieces, reducing the time of assembly. In addition, he can also work with a simpler setup by using the Water-Washable Resin, eliminating the need for alcohol or IPA.

Thought a big printer couldn't print in detail? Well, think again! The Sonic Mega 8K comes with an 8K screen that ensures every detail is preserved, even when printing big. Don't believe it? Just check out those ripped holes on Killjoy's pants. The details printed are just remarkable!

Prints by: Jisoo Kim
Printer: Sonic Mega 8K
Model by: Jisoo Kim

EVA-02 Beast Mode Activated 3D Printed PC Case

modified PC case with resin 3d printed model

After completing the EVA-01 PC case model from last year, this time Mr. Joe from Mr. Joe Hobby.tv decided to dive into the realm of the beast for his EVA-02 creation.

Printed to precision with the new Sonic Mega 8K S, this EVA-02 Beast Mode model is printed and painted beautifully despite its beast appearance.

If you want to see the complete creation process of this stunning creation, make sure to check out the video by Mr. Joe Hobby.tv below. (Don't forget to turn on the CC for English subtitles.)

Prints by: Mr. Joe Hobby
Printer: Sonic Mega 8K S
Model by: Mr. Joe Hobby

Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below. Or, do you want to get featured for next year? Make sure to share your masterpiece with us. We can't wait to see your creations!

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