2023 Community Highlight Rewind - Sonic Mighty Series

2023 Community Highlight Rewind - Sonic Mighty Series

Here's to another year full of beautiful prints and creativity. Let's take a look at some of the community highlights of 2023 and see if we can spot yours.

As a medium-sized printer, the Mighty series is often the community series due to its versatility, combining great details with a medium-sized build plate.

Over the years, the Mighty Series has significantly grown from the original yellow-case Sonic Mighty 4K to the iconic orange of Sonic Mighty 8K, and of course, the 12K Upgrade Kit. And with the year coming to an end, we can't wait for what the future holds for this lovable series. But before we jump into 2024 to see all the new things the Mighty series has in store, let's do a quick recap on some of the community highlights of the 2023 Mighty Series version.

The Pals of Christmas — Klaus vs. Krampus

Klaus vs Krampus resin 3d printed model

Just in time for the most wonderful time of the year, it's the classic Christmas pals having quite a fight — Klaus vs. Krampus, designed by Lost Kingdom Miniatures.

Are you familiar with the story of Krampus? Dated back to a German Christmas tradition from the 12th century, Krampus will accompany Klaus on their visit to the town. While Klaus is rewarding the good girls and boys with presents and candies, Krampus will carry a bundle of birch sticks to swat the naughty children and take them away in a basket.

This display model right here was printed by Thomas Morgenstern on the Sonic Mighty 8K, a perfect printer to showcase sharp details while printing medium-sized models, big enough for you to display on your desk. Despite not being a typical Christmas decorations, it'll be a cool display all year round!

Prints by: Thomas Morgenstern
Printer: Sonic Mighty 8K
Model by: Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Find the Odd One Out

Realistic 3d printed parakeet models

Up for a little game? It might not be the hardest, but you'll definitely be impressed. So, can you find the impostor?

Sculpted and designed by Mr. Brade Hu, these amazing parakeet models are realistic and look just like the real ones. Printed on the Sonic Mighty 8K, each parakeet can comfortably sit in one build plate while making sure every feather detail was printed to the T with its 28-micron resolution.

Not only that, the paint job on these birds is truly remarkable, a testament to the skill of E and L from EternaL Models. Do you like the look of these realistic animal models?

Printer: Sonic Mighty 8K
Model by: Mr. Brade Hu
Painted by: Eternal Models

Ball Jointed Doll, But Make It Cat

3d printed ball joined doll cat

Dollmeet BJD Studio is a 3D model studio specializing in ball-jointed dolls. Most of their models consist of realistic-looking female models and, recently, cats. This model right here is one of their recent cat prototype models. Look at how cute he is sitting patiently on the edge of your Sonic Mighty 8K case.

Printer: Sonic Mighty 8K
Model by: Dollmeet BJD

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Resin

Resin 3d printed Notre Dame Cathedral Paris

Are you a fan of fantasy castles? Or would you prefer a realistic architectural model from the world's top location?

Based in France, it's quite fitting for Thomas Morgenstern to print one of the most famous cathedrals from his beloved country, the Notre Dame Cathedral. After its accidental burn back in April 2019, the majestic building has undergone a massive restoration and is expected to re-open on 8 December 2024. Though, adding fuel to the fire (*wink), this Notre Dame model right here was printed with the TR300 Ultra High Temp Resin.

But the coolest part is that since this model was printed directly on the plate, the Notre Dame is printed to perfection with the newly 12K upgraded Sonic Mighty 8K. By eliminating the need for support, Thomas also eliminates the need to polish the model from support marks.

Can you see how crisp and sharp the details on the models are? Thanks to the 12K Upgrade Kit, you can now experience the capability of a 12K printer without getting a brand new unit. With just a few steps and swaps, you can transform your old 8K printer to a new 12K one, a more wallet and environmentally friendly way of experiencing the power of 12K.

Prints by: Thomas Morgenstern
Printer: Sonic Mighty 8K (Upgraded with 12K Upgrade Kit)

3D Printed Functional Dog Prosthetic

resin 3d printed animal prosthetics for dogs

No, the dog is not 3D printed. Our 3D printers have yet to have the power to print such a perfectly smooth fur. But we couldn't be more excited to know that our 3D printer can make a difference in Little Peach's life.

Born with just three legs, Little Peach knows that he is different from the start. Luckily, a kind volunteer at My Animal Soulmate in Hualien, Taiwan, designed an animal prosthetic, especially for Little Peach. Printed with Sonic Mighty 8K and Rock-Black Stiff Resin, this 3D printed prosthetic gives Little Peach a chance to enjoy a better life with four legs.

Little Peach and his friends are up for adoption. If you're ever in a place and position to adopt a dog, make sure to check My Animal Soulmate. You might just have to get yourself a new best friend.

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