How to 3D Print in 2024? Here's the Easy Way to Start

How to 3D Print in 2024? Here's the Easy Way to Start

3D printing used to be daunting especially for beginners, but not anymore.. Check out how PIXUP — a self-developed 3D printing model marketplace by Phrozen — is revolutionizing the 3D printing industry with its beginner friendly models.

If you've been watching tons of 3D printing content on social media and your search history started to list things like: How to start 3D printing, good 3D printers for beginners, and how to 3D printing, you know it's time for you to pick up 3D printing as a new hobby.

As beginners, 3D printing may look daunting. With various 3D printer types in the market, you need to first choose the 3D printer technology you want to go with. If it's an LCD 3D printer, you might want to decide which 3D printer size and resolution will be your best suit. Then, you'll need to choose the resin you need, as printing tabletop gaming miniatures will require different resin characteristics compared to printing prototypes for your upcoming design project.

Confused much? Don't be.. Because once you get them out of the way, 3D printing can be as easy as a plug and play experience.

Skip the Tedious Support Works

Those who started 3D printing a few years ago might tell you that resin 3D printing is never a plug and play game — well, it used to be true, but not anymore.

We understand the importance of that accomplished feeling when you first start because that will be the kick that keeps you going. You will crave that success, and it'll push you to do more, learn more, and create more. Therefore, making sure that your first print is as good as it could be is important for us.

Phrozen Verified models

A slicer software with all of its tools might look intimidating to new eyes, so we want to keep it as simple as possible for you with Phrozen Verified models.

Phrozen Verified is a model support certification launched by PIXUP and verified by Phrozen. By choosing Phrozen Verified models, you can skip the tedious process of adding manual support to each of your models and reduce resin usage by up to 50% due to the optimized support structure. The best part of all? Phrozen Verified guarantees a printing success rate of >95%.

Phrozen Verified models are supported and tested by the 3D printing professionals at Phrozen. Each support was carefully placed to have the least impact on the model aesthetics, further reducing the time needed for post-processing. It offers the highest quality printing results while minimizing waste from model supports, which is not only cost-effective but also promotes sustainable printing practices.

Enjoy the True Plug and Play Experience

If the presupported stl is still not good enough and you want the true plug and play experience from a 3D printer, you may want to check out presliced CTB files instead. With optimized support structures, printer and resin parameters set, and the models presliced, it's truly just as easy as downloading the file, transferring it to your USB stick, and clicking print.

presliced ready to print CTB files

Each model is preset with specific resins and printers for best results. You can either print with an 8K printer and an 8K resin, or choose a 4K printer to print with a 4K resin.

Once you have your eyes set on a model you like, all you need to do is just download the right type of file for your printer and resin, and print it. It's literally as easy as that.

3D Printable Models With Utmost Convenience

Now, you may ask, where can you get all these highly convenient 3D printable models?


3d printable files marketplace

A 3D printable marketplace of high-quality models from the world's top designers, we developed PIXUP with our customer's convenience in mind. In the spirit of bringing 3D printing to the masses, PIXUP helps eliminate the barriers for new users who want to start 3D printing with its wide selection of Phrozen Verified and presliced models.

Once you are more comfortable with 3D printing and get excited about the nitty gritty, the whole PIXUP gallery of 3D printable models is here for you. From a stern tabletop warrior to a sexy princess figurine, or even a flower vase for your home, PIXUP has it all!

Ready to start your new 3D printing hobby? Let us guide you through selecting your first 3D printer and resins!

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