A Jeweler’s Guide to Choosing Resin for LCD 3D Printing

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on March 09 2021

Hairpins, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings, and other elaborate jewelry pieces can now swiftly be printed out with resin 3D printers; meeting your jewelry needs with extreme precision.

Highly detailed and intricate designs are hard to create, which is where jewelry 3D printing comes in. In traditional jewelry casting, jewelers have to use jewelry-making wax to carve out patterns by hand.

Nowadays, resin 3D printing streamlines this entire process by utilizing castable resins, which are extremely similar to wax, to print out multiple designs and pieces in a single print.

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Now, let’s jump right in and take a look at which Phrozen resins are best for jewelry 3D printing:

Wax-Like Castable Resin: Jewelry Violet - Best for Jewelry Casting

Specifically made for jewelry creators, Phrozen’s Wax-Like Jewelry Violet resin creates delicate pieces of jewelry such as rings and pendants.

Using resin 3D printers, jewelers can now create extremely fine patterns on jewelry that would otherwise not be possible with traditional methods.

With its wax-like qualities, Phrozen’s Wax-Like Jewelry Violet resin burns easily and provides reliable casting for all types of jewelry designs.

Phrozen’s Wax-Like Jewelry Violet resin burns out cleanly and produces jewelry prints with extremely high resolution. With low shrinkage, your 3D jewelry models will not change in shape after the printing process is complete.


Please refer to the chart above for the recommended burnout schedules. 

TR250 Deep Gray & TR300 Ultra-High Temp Resin - Best for Jewelry Molds and Prototyping

With its heat-resistant qualities and toughness, TR250 Deep Gray and TR300 Resins are capable of producing detailed models that are best suited for jewelry rubber molds. Print out highly intricate jewelry designs such as brooches, bracelets, necklaces, and more. You can also recreate all your designs with the help of vulcanized rubber molding

With its gray color, both resins are also ideal for designers looking to quickly create prototypes before casting their jewelry designs.

Jewelry 3D models printed with the TR250 Gray and TR300 resins are durable and won’t suffer from shrinkage.

Features (TR250):
Viscosity: 706 cps
Density: 1.12
Surface Hardness (Shore D): Shore 85 D
Elongation (at break): 1%
Tensile Strength: 11 Mpa
I-Zod Impact: 3.05 KJ/m2

Features (TR300):
Viscosity: 160 cps
Density: 1.17
Surface Hardness (Shore D): Shore 80 D
Elongation (at break): 2%
Tensile Strength: 32 Mpa
I-Zod Impact: 8 KJ/m2

There you go! A detailed guide into which Phrozen resins are best for jewelry-making purposes. Want to learn how to post-process your jewelry prints? Please click here

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Make sure to refer to our resin profile chart for a general idea on how to set up resin profiles for different Phrozen resins. Feel free to test different settings to find out which works best for you.



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