A Jeweler’s Guide to Choosing an LCD 3D Printer

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on March 15 2021

In this rapidly evolving world, even jewelry can now be created via 3D printing. Everything from rings to necklaces can easily be printed out with a snap of a finger. Resin 3D printing allows you to produce high-quality jewelry prints with intricate detailing that would otherwise be extremely hard to achieve when creating jewelry pieces the traditional way. Need ideas? Click here

In the traditional jewelry-making process, jewelers have to carve out intricate and detailed patterns in wax or by handcrafting. Even though traditional jewelry makers put a lot of love and hard work into creating their designs, both are time-consuming techniques that are prone to human errors. One mistake and the entire process needs to start from scratch.

With resin 3D printing, jewelry designs can now be created digitally. Jewelers can print out a sample then tweak their designs using CAD software if needed. With its wax-like qualities, Phrozen Castable Jewelry Violet Resin imitates wax that is typically used in jewelry-making. To learn more about which Phrozen resins are best for jewelry casting and designs, please click here.

Using either method, the design wax patterns are then placed into a mold cavity and poured with investment casting, a plaster that surrounds the jewelry patterns and hardens. As the 3D printed jewelry pieces burn out, the jewelry pieces are cast with metals such as gold or silver to create the final product.

This way, 3D printing can be used as a method to supplement the jewelry-making process.

What Types of Jewelry Prints can 3D Printers Create?

With resin 3D printing, jewelry makers are able to think out of the box and create all sorts of jewelry prints with unique shapes or designs. LCD 3D printing also allows for custom-made jewelry pieces to be produced at a much more affordable price.

Jewelry 3D printing can be used as prototypes, rubber molds, and for casting jewelry. Want to learn how to set supports for jewelry 3D printing? Then click here

Let’s take a look at which Phrozen LCD 3D printer you should purchase for creating jewelry pieces:

Sonic Mini 4K - For Detailed Jewelry Prints

With a printing area of 6.1in, Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K is a great choice for creating jewelry models as it prints out delicate jewelry pieces with 4K resolution. 

With its fast printing capabilities, the Sonic Mini 4K prints out a plate full of jewelry in no time.

The Sonic Mini 4K prints with precision to ensure that all the details on your jewelry pieces are showcased with 4K resolution.

As a desktop resin 3D printer, the Sonic Mini 4K can easily be stored at home, at one’s workspace, or a jewelry studio.

The Sonic Mini 4K 3D Printer comes with:

  • 6.1in Printing Area
  • 5in Touch Panel
  • 35 µm XY Resolution
  • 80mm/hour Print Speed

    Sonic Mini 8K - For Extremely Detailed Jewelry Prints

    With a printing area of 7.1in, the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K is the best choice for those looking to creating extremely intricate jewelry pieces with 8K resolution.

    Sonic Mini 8K is capable of printing out a full plate of all your most intricate jewelry designs such as rings, brooches, and pendants in one print session. For example, the Sonic Mini 8K can contain roughly 10-20 rings per plate.

    The Sonic Mini 8K also comes with a frosted laser cut building plate while allows your jewelry pieces to be attached more firmly onto the building plate. This increases your printing success rate.

    With extreme precision printing, the Sonic Mini 8K is capable of bringing your most detailed jewelry designs to life. The Sonic Mini 8K 3D printer is best for jewelry professionals looking to boost their productivity and create the most detailed prints possible.


    The Sonic Mini 8K 3D Printer comes with: 

    • 7.1in Printing Area 
    • 3.5in Touch Panel 
    • 22 µm XY Resolution 
    • 80mm/hour Print Speed

    Why You should Invest in Jewelry 3D Printers

    With resin 3D printing, jewelers can now create multiple patterns and designs in one print, saving both time and money. Resin 3D printing allows for jewelry makers to focus on the details and to be creative as possible.

    Now, jewelry professionals have the luxury of time to produce fine jewelry pieces with extreme accuracy and attention to detail.

    Click here to learn how to post-process your jewelry prints. 



    • im really happy with this printer due to my all jwellers aree in the trade is mostly using this printer and they says that they really happy with this printer by phrozen
      and now im buying this printer this week fro my jewelry production .

      Posted by ABDULLAH | August 16, 2021
    • Which resin should I get for jewelry? The Phrozen Aqua 8K Resin, or the Castable Jewelry Violet? I just purchased a Phrozen Mini 8k printer. Thanks.

      Phrozen Technology replied:
      Hi Tyler, Congratulations on your new printer! For jewelry making, we would recommend Castable Jewelry Violet or TR300, depending on your method. Check out the blog here for more information: https://phrozen3d.net/PXGS6.

      Cheers, Phrozen Team


      Posted by Tyler | January 03, 2023
    • Hi!, which resin should I get for Rubber Molding? The Castable Jewelry Violet or Castable Dental green? Thanks
      Phrozen Technology replied:
      Hi Eduardo, For rubber molding, you can use Aqua-Gray 4K, Aqua-Gray 8K, or high-temperature resin like TR300. However, if what you are referring to is casting, then you might decide based on the object you would like to print out. You can use Dental Green if you are printing dental models or use Jewelry Violet if you are printing jewelry.

      Cheers, Phrozen Team


      Posted by Eduardo | January 19, 2023
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