Sonic Mighty 8K: The Best 8K LCD 3D Printer in the Market

Sonic Mighty 8K: The Best 8K LCD 3D Printer in the Market

Learn more about all the new features and how Sonic Mighty 8K will make your 3D printing experience better.

Designed specifically to be the most versatile printer in its class, the Sonic Mighty 8K resin 3D printer is equipped with a 10” LCD screen while maintaining its ultra-high resolutions at 28 µm. This medium-sized 3D printer is easily the perfect desktop printer for every creator. If you are looking for top-notch details like Sonic Mini 8K, but would love to print larger pieces or more models in each batch, Sonic Mighty 8K is definitely your best bet. 

With a full-on metal resin vat and monochrome LCD screen, the Sonic Mighty 8K is built to last long and accompany you through every step of your printing journey. The front USB port is easier to access, and a larger touch screen gives you more comfortable navigation control. Sonic Mighty 8K also gives you more slicer options as it is compatible with Lychee and other slicers. All these features will definitely boost your confidence in resin 3D printing, even as beginners.

The Sonic Mighty 8K also boasts a powerful CPU 12 times stronger than others, allowing for faster and smoother operations. A 3.5 GB built-in memory was also added to the machine, allowing you to save files and reprint directly from your printing history. 

The Z-axis control in the Sonic Mighty 8K was also updated to make plate adjustment more convenient. Simply tap the touchpad to move the building plate position with three different unit options. You can choose between 0.1, 1, and 10mm. With this feature, calibrating the Z-axis is easier than ever.


Not only that, the Sonic Mighty 8K also came with a brand new user interface that is more intuitive and beginner-friendly. With twelve different language settings, the machine provides a completely on-screen tutorial and initial setup, allowing you to start printing almost immediately. Why spend hours reading the manual book or watching tutorial videos on Youtube when you can spend more time printing instead? The Sonic Mighty 8K will make sure you have a wonderful printing experience right from the start. 


For creators with multiple printers at home, Sonic Mighty 8K allows you to name the printer, so you can easily differentiate one active printer from another. Naming your printer will also make printing through the wifi process easier and more fun.


Despite its compact size, the Sonic Mighty 8K is equipped with a heap of amazing features, making sure you’ll have a seamless experience with 3D printing. What’s more, the printer has a built-in camera feature so you can always see your printing progress in real-time. The camera is also accessible through an application on your phone, allowing you to pause and stop the prints no matter where you are. With all these wonderful features put in detail, what are you waiting for? Get your Sonic Mighty 8K now and be amazed!

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