Sonic Mini 8K Features Explained

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on February 11 2022

With the highest resolution of 22 µm and 1152 ppi, the Sonic Mini 8K surpasses all consumer electronics on the market. With its compact size, it’s also perfect for creating all sorts of extremely intricate miniatures, bust sculpts, and intricate jewelry pieces and more.


The Sonic Mini 8K comes with a host of new features, so let’s take a few minutes to learn more about the Sonic Mini 8K’s all new Linear Projection LED module, thicker T-Plate, solid dual-linear rails, and the frosted laser cut building plate:


Sonic Mini 8K’s New Linear Projection LED Module

The Sonic Mini 8K comes with an all-new Linear Projection LED module. In the Sonic Mini 8K, we added a lens and a mirror in its Linear Projection LED module. The lens is used to distribute light evenly and the mirror is used to reflect the light. This increases the optical path length and creates an even light source while projecting onto the LCD.

In comparison, a common LED module has a shorter optical path as light comes out from the lens and is projected directly onto the LCD to create a 3D model.

This technology is the reason why the Sonic Mini 8K is larger in size and heavier than the Sonic Mini 4K. This results in sharper and more accurate 3D prints. 


Solid Dual-Linear Rails & Thicker T-Plate

The Sonic Mini 8K comes with solid dual-linear rails which ensure a much more stable and quieter printing process. It comes with a T-plate which is roughly 4cm thick, which means that it is much more durable and will be able to withstand the pulling force between your 3D print and the FEP film.

Bonus: The Sonic Mini 8K comes with a metal resin vat!


Frosted Laser Cut Building Plate

The Sonic Mini 8K also comes with an all-new frosted laser cut building plate that ensures that your 3D printed models stick much more firmly onto the building plate, drastically improving your printing success rate.

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