Sonic Mega 8K: Curing

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on January 12 2022

After cleaning your 3D models, make sure they are dry before moving on to the next step: curing.


Sonic Mega 8K: Curing

First, prepare the Phrozen Cure Mega: Post Curing UV Lamp. This curing chamber is best for curing large-scale models printed with the Sonic Mega 8K.

Second, place your 3D models onto the rotating stand so that your models cure evenly. Set the timer to 30 minutes. Feel free to adjust accordingly.

Third, after the models have been cured, it’s time to cure the insides of your 3D prints. Prepare the Phrozen Cure Beam. This handheld UV Curing device efficiently cures the insides of hollowed 3D prints. It prevents the model from cracking by making sure that every corner of the model has been fully cured.

Voila, your 3D print is now ready!

Once you’re done with curing your 3D model, it’s time to learn how to maintain your Sonic Mega 8K.

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