Printing Gundam Unicorn with Sonic Mega 8K and Nylon-Green Tough Resin

God Finger Make UG Unicorn Gundam Parts With Phrozen Nylon-Green Resin

Ever dreamt about having those stunning 1m tall Gundam models in your living room? You are not the only one. Let's follow along on God Finger's journey to complete his UG Unicorn Gundam Model!

Remember God Finger's last project with the Sonic Mega 8K? This time, he's working on another project, a 1/40 Ultra Grade Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Divine, made from scratch with 3D printing.

It consisted of so many intricate parts for its head, helmet, armor, backpack, javelin, and so many more. He started the process back in January and has only finally seen the complete unicorn model assembled by June. Looking back, it's definitely a rigorous process, but the results are so stunning and definitely worth the hard work with so many comments on his video asking for a possibility to buy the .STL files. Unfortunately, like other God Fingers' work, every 3D printed Gundam model and file is unique like no other and won't be available for sale. All in all, the quality will easily beat your typical store-bought Gundam model kits.

3D printed Gundam model

In this video, God Finger focuses mainly on the backpack parts of the Unicorn Gundam model. Since it needs to be able to support his huge weapons, these parts need to be printed with a strong resin, although he'll also be installing brass rods and magnets inside the models. So he used the Phrozen Nylon-Green Tough Resin for the backpack holder of this Unicorn Gundam model and used Speed, Rock-Black Stiff, and Ceramic White Resins for the remaining parts of the backpack.

Prototyping and Engineering Resin

First Impression of Nylon-Green Tough Resin

God Fingers has decided from the beginning that the backpack holder needs to be the strongest part of his Unicorn Gundam model due to the weight it needs to bear. So, after some research for strong resins, he lands his hand on the Nylon-Green Tough after reading the description.

Made specifically for prototyping and printing functional 3D printed parts, models printed with Nylon-Green Tough Resin are stretchable and impact resistant, properties that immediately catch his attention. But, upon receiving the product, it was the pretty clear, bright green color of the resin that made him like this resin even more.

Pouring the Nylon Green tough resin

Whenever you are printing with a new resin, it's important for you to do a test print to find the perfect exposure for your printer, resin, and environment. God Fingers chose to do his test print with the XP Finder test model, and it came out perfect, so he went straight to print the Gundam model parts he needed.

Printing and Assembling the Backpack

To print all the required parts for this backpack, he needed to fire up five of his printers, including the Sonic Mighty 8K, Sonic Mega 8K, Sonic Mini 8K, and even the Sonic Mini 8K S.

It took hours of printing until it was finally post-processing time. He started by removing the models from the building plates and washing them in either the Washing Station or the Ultrasonic Cleaner. To make his process more effective, God Fingers also incorporated a double wash method—the first step to remove most of the uncured resin, and the second step to make sure it was thoroughly cleaned. Next, he transferred the models into the Curing Station for a final post-cure.

Models printed with nylon green tough resin

Since the Gundam model he made was built from so many different parts, he needed to pay close attention to his modeling design during assembly to make sure he is not missing anything. In addition, magnets and brass rods are installed to make sure his 3D printed Unicorn Gundam model has the strength it needs to stand on its own.

Assembling the parts for 3D printed Gundam model

God Fingers will continue his journey to complete his Ultra Grade Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Divine model. Stay tuned to our blog to see the final results of this gundam model, or in the meantime, watch his step-by-step process in the video below!

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