Colorful Halloween Decor Ideas With Phrozen Neon-Resin

Colorful Halloween Decor Ideas With Phrozen Neon-Resin

Need some inspirations for your Halloween decor this year? Get some of our Neon-Resin and 3D print some of the most colorful decor ever!

Every year, we’ll come up with new 3D printing ideas for you to celebrate Halloween with 3D printing. Last year’s Halloween decoration ideas include some spiders, skulls, and fun 3D printed costumes for you and your pets.

For this year, instead of simply going with the usual spooky, creepy Halloween stuff, we want to share some fun and colorful 3D printed Halloween decorations with you, of course, with our newly launched Phrozen Neon-Resin!

What’s a Neon-Resin?

Colorful Neon resin for Halloween props

No, unfortunately, it’s not glow in the dark. The Neon-Resin took inspiration from bright, vivid neon-light colors, but it can’t radiate its own light.

Though, it does pair well with lights, and you can create an awesome shadow effect with models printed with the Neon-Resin.

The Neon-Resin series comes with four fun color options: the pink Neon-Peach, green Neon-Lime, yellow Neon-Lemon, and of course, in Halloween spirits, orange Neon-Pumpkin.

Just like any other Phrozen Resin, the Neon-Resin offers high details, accuracy, and precision for all of your prints. In addition, it’s pretty durable and won’t bend even when you print super thin models with it. Cool, huh?

Yeah, it’s cool and all.. but what 3D printed Halloween decor should you print with it? Well, well, well… Let us show you!

Cute Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Desk

Halloween decorations printed with colorful neon resin

Tired of the usual gray stuff for Halloween? This year, let’s put more colors into it!

With four bright, neon-inspired colors to choose from, you can turn any model into cute little desktop critters to decorate your desk.

Mix and Match Resin and Colors

Mix and match your model parts with colorful neon resinModel: Crippled God Foundry

The usual one-color model is too boring? Try mix-and-matching several resin options to make one cool and colorful one.

Since the Neon-Resin is super precise, you can easily print out some parts of the model in your favorite Neon-Resin colors and some in other high-precision resin like the Aqua-Gray 8K. See how cool it looks!

Add Lights for a Cool Shadow Effect

Step up your 3D printed Halloween decorations game by adding a light source like LED light or simply your phone’s flashlight.

Model: pipe.cox

First, print out a hollowed Halloween model. Then, either put a light source in it or behind it, and you can see how cool the shadow it creates on the model. Similarly, you can definitely use the Neon-Resin to create colorful lithophane too!

Which of these 3D printing ideas for Halloween decorations is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below, and we can’t wait to see your Halloween creations this year!

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