Halloween 3D models decoration ideas

6 DIY 3D Printed Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2023!

Not sure what to print for Halloween 2023? Keep reading to find inspiration! From scary monsters and ghouls to cute witches, we covered it all here!

Looking to make the scariest Halloween night of your life with 3D printing? We've curated the scariest, creepiest, and eeriest 3D print Halloween decoration ideas that will send goosebumps and shivers up and down your spine!

While most people are going scouring Target and Michaels for pre-made, generic decor, why don't you make your own DIY Halloween decorations?

The Spooky Valley From Far Away

While Christmas is often celebrated with a warm and cozy Christmas village in your home, why not celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Valley? Or even a Haunted Town that has been left behind by its citizens—so you can skip on the villagers. *wink..wink..

From dilapidated houses to scary graveyards and sacred tombstones, you can easily mix and match all the props you need to create your own haunted villages for Halloween this year.

Find Gravestones designed by Infinite Dimensions in PIXUP

The Lurking Monster

If you think Halloween Village is too much of a hassle and takes up too much space, maybe you are more of a desktop decorations kind of guy? Still want to participate in the spooky spirits but want less flashy Halloween decorations, these terrifying monsters might just be right up your alley!

Charon by Crippled God Foundry is now on PIXUP

Some popular options include the Demonic Windsock (Phaerimm) by Yasashii Kyojin Studio——a malevolent aberration which delights in the pain and suffering of others. In fact, the reason they have yet to eliminate every other existence from the world is for the fact that by doing so, they would then lack subjects to torture.

Another popular choice could be the Plant by Galaad Miniatures or Caterpillar by GreatGrimoire. With mutant-like vibes, these two will give you more inspiration for Halloween decoration ideas.

Lastly, our personal favorites of these creepy model collections are definitely the Smiles by Franco Carlesimo. Continuously being a fan's favorite, having this model in your office or bedroom will without a doubt make you feel uneasy—it's like a ghoulish apparatus is constantly staring at you with a wretched smile.

Smile by  Franco Carlesimo

Sorcery and Spells

Of course, Halloween is not just about the terrifying vibes. It could also be a fun celebration of magic, spells, and sorcery.

Perhaps you have children at home, and the last thing you want is them crying in the middle of the night because of nightmares fueled by your DIY Halloween decorations, these cuter Halloween decorations might just be exactly what you need for Halloween 2023.

Get Samurai Toad by Dragon Gate Tavern on PIXUP

Check out Melinda the Good Witch! As the name suggests, she looks nowhere near creepy while still perfectly capturing that Halloween vibes. Or maybe Alice the Wishmaster—inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, where you can spot Alice with the infamous Cheshire cat.

Melinda, The Good Witch by GreatGrimoire

For even more child-friendly and cuter stuff, make sure to give Forest Spirits or Kodama Forest Spirits by Dragon Trappers Lodge a visit!

Kodama Forest Spirits by Dragon Trappers Lodge

From now until Halloween, you can also get a special offer on PIXUP! By using the code "LMO2R9" you can get three free models from Infinite Dimensions, while the code "ZNMQCW" will get you all their remaining models at 30% off! A perfect kickoff to your 3D printed Halloween decorations game! Head over to PIXUP now and claim your free Halloween models while it lasts!

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