Dungeons & Dragons Figurines You Can 3D Print

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on November 17 2021

You can create 3D designs as a hobby, at home for your small business, or any other personal or professional reason. Resin printing can be used as a way to create 3D printing projects for various applications. With the growth of resin printing and home 3D printers, it’s now possible for almost anyone to enjoy 3D models meant for tabletop games or create resin miniatures to store as a collectible. However, creating 3D models can take up a substantial amount of time.

Nowadays, there are many beginner-friendly projects out there that allow you to create all your favorite resin miniatures within hours instead of days.

3D printing models is a great skill set to have. Interested in 3D printing for beginners? Then Phrozen 3D printers are your best bet! You can create all sorts of projects at the touch of a button. When starting out as a beginner, you need not to worry as there are a ton of free 3D print files as well as designs out there.

Creating 3D Dungeons and Dragons Game Pieces

As part of a 3D printing project, why not create miniatures 3D models for your favorite tabletop game? D&D monster models are quite popular among people who enjoy creating their own 3D designs with resin printing. Dungeons and Dragons is a very popular game that you can play with your group of friends or family. These very miniature models can easily be added to your resin miniature collection as well. The best part is that you can effortlessly create multiple sets of 3D models for all your favorite tabletop games.

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game that tells a story of an adventure that a group of friends go on together. The players decide what their characters do by rolling dice and consulting with other players to reach a consensus about how their characters should react to different situations. They may fight monsters, solve puzzles, or play various other games within the larger framework of the agreed-upon story. Interested on the impact of 3D printing on the gaming industry, then click here

If you’re looking to make a D&D game much more lifelike and interesting, you can also create 3D printed terrain designs and 3D models with the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular 3D models that you can create with resin printing! .

Old Priest (Warlock)

The old priest is a great 3D design for D&D and you can use it for other  projects as well. This model has a unique look and style which you won’t find easily, so you can instead replicate it with resin printing. The old priest has a long white beard and a staff with a skull on top. The robe worn by this model has also been created with great attention to detail.

This resin miniature can be perfectly created with Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, presenting its detailed features flawlessly. Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K is one of the best printers for home use or professional applications. It is best for creating 3D models that can be used as both decoration pieces or as a collectible.

Warforged Titan

Warforged Titan is another great 3D model that can be used for your Dungeons & Dragons game collection. This model has been created with the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K. With its power pose, this character can be used in almost any role-playing game or even as a prop, or collectible figurines, etc.

Creating miniatures of video game characters as part of a project is becoming more popular in recent times as new free 3D print files keep popping up on websites such as thingiverse.com. This is a great opportunity to start creating 3D printed designs that are suitable for beginners in 3D printing.

Gino Brewmaster

Photo Courtesy of the_clumsy_dungeon_delver

Gino Brewmaster has a large and heavy armor, along with a crushing tankard. As we can see, he also has an imposing weapon and a shield with his emblem on it. This is a great resin printing choice for those who enjoy playing with tabletop models or storing them as a collectible item.

Frost Worm

Photo Courtesy of the Leprechaun Fantasy Workshop 

With its sharp design, the Frost Worm is another great addition to your Dungeons & Dragons game. The best part is that you can create multiple sets of these 3D models and then call your friends and family over so that everyone can enjoy the game! With the Sonic Mighty 4K, you can create all the superb details on this large-scale model.


Photo Courtesy of miniatures_monsters

You’ll also need 3D printed terrain when playing Dungeons & Dragons! This is where the Sonic Mighty 4K comes in handy. You can find a ton of 3D designs for terrain and other miniature pieces. These can then be combined with multiple terrain sets or other designs to create an interesting Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game.

Apart from Dungeons & Dragons, these terrain can also be used for war games or other role-playing games.


Apart from these 3D designs, there are countless other stl files of D&D characters that can either be bought online or downloaded for free. If you are more creatively inclined, why not draw it out yourself, and then use resin printing to print it out? Use the power of Sonic Mini 4K and Sonic Mighty 4K to create all sorts of detailed miniatures and game terrain for your favorite role-playing games!

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