Top 5 DIY 3D Printing Projects For The House

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on November 12 2021

As technology evolves, resin printing just continues to gain more popularity worldwide. Resin 3D printers are capable of producing amazingly accurate prints such as everyday household items at remarkable speeds. The best thing is that these precision printers would cost thousands of dollars before but as technology evolves desktop 3D resin printers have become amazingly affordable over time, like the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K. Interested in learning more about the different resin 3D printing techniques? Then click here

Keep on reading to find out about all sorts of projects you can create with resin 3D printing for the house. Haven't purchased a 3D printer yet? Click here to learn which Phrozen 3D printer best suits your needs! 

What Can You Do With The Best 3D Resin Printer?

3D printing is a great tool for both professionals, and amateurs and can be used as a hobby or as part of a business. That’s not all! You can also use a 3D printer to create all sorts of projects. You also don’t need to worry about designing the items yourself as there are a ton of pre-made STL 3D print files available online, for FREE! There are websites such as, and that can help you meet your resin printing needs so that you can start printing right away.

Therefore, beginners can also have a smooth and fun printing experience by trying out different types of projects out there.

3D printers can help you in making your daily life much easier by giving you an opportunity to explore your creativity and produce 3D models that add color to your life. Let’s take a look at some DIY 3D Printing Projects for the house that you can get started with right away!


3D Printed Coaster

Coasters are used to protect the surface of a table and can be used to place glasses, cups, and more. Even though coasters seem like such a simple item, it is one of the most useful things you can have at your home. You can easily find 3D models of coasters online and then comfortably print it out by yourselves at home! Resin 3D printing has made it much easier to create detailed items without any difficulties whatsoever.

As coasters can be used on a daily basis, this is one of the most practical 3D prints that you can create. There are a variety of resin 3D designs for coasters, so make sure to choose one you really like! After creating a 3D printed coaster, you can sit back and relax, place your glass cup on your 3D printed creation and chill. You can even offer it to your friends or guests when they visit you.

It also helps save a lot of time as coasters prevent traces of liquid being left on the tabletops due to condensation. This means you won’t need to waste time cleaning tabletops every time a mug or cup has been placed on your table. If you’re a party animal, or a clean freak, then coasters are for you!

You can easily 3D print this design with the help of a Sonic Mighty 4K resin 3D printer which can easily be stored at home. You can then create as many 3D designs as you like.

3D Printed Soap Dish

A 3D printed soap dish is another great idea you can add to your list of 3D printing projects. Feel free to be as creative as possible while 3D printing a soap dish for your house. As a beginner, 3D printing can be a little confusing at first, but it’s all about thinking outside of the box and learning different techniques such as setting supports on your 3D prints on slicer software and more. A soap dish is an essential household item to place a bar of soap either in the bathroom or washroom.

Besides being a creative endeavor, this 3D printing project can also work to amp up the aesthetics of your home. This can be easily created with one of the most beginner-friendly resin 3D printers on the market, the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K. After getting your hands on this resin 3D printer, you’ll be able to print any sort of 3D models you desire.

There are a ton of soap dish models you get to choose from, from black aesthetic soap holders to cute designs all available in the form of stl files on websites such as All you need is a 3D printer to print these files so that you can start using these handy items around the house.

3D Printed Sponge Holder

Why not create a custom sponge holder with 3D printing? It is one of the most useful products you can have lying around at home. The best thing about resin printing is that it can form accurate designs and shapes and is capable of printing in record speeds. When it comes to 3D designs such as a sponge holder, resin 3D printers have no difficulty printing out complex structures. Just make sure to angle the 3D printed model in your slicer software so that there is a higher chance of your print succeeding.

Sponge holders can be kept near the kitchen sink so that you can easily clean up the kitchen area. You can also customize your sponge holders and add cute or versatile 3D designs such as tiny dinosaurs or anything you like to create a more lively atmosphere in the kitchen!

For best results, we recommend using the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K for these types of projects. You can create durable and sturdy 3D prints that are durable and long-lasting.

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3D Printed Mug Hanger

Do you often find your mugs all over the kitchen? Well then a 3D printed mug hanger is the solution to your problem! You can easily hang all your mugs on the 3D printed hanger so that it can be stored neatly and safely in one place.

You can also add a 3D printed mug hanger to your list of projects for the house. A mug hanger is an example of an exceptionally practical product to have around the house so that you can hang mugs or practically any cups that have handles on them.

There are a wide range of free STL 3D print files, available for creating 3D  models. Create the perfect DIY projects for your home!

3D Printed Key Holders

Another essential household item is key holders! Misplacing the keys is a very common problem around the house and searching for the keys really takes up a lot of your time. When it comes to key holders, you can easily create designs such as HoneyComb shaped key holders or even a Batman key holder thanks to resin 3D printing.

Key holders are very practical and useful in daily life and those who want to skip the hassles of drilling into walls can even attach the keyholders with the help of magnets.

That’s not all. You can find a large variety of 3D printing projects that can be used for creating day-to-day products such as measuring spoons, tape dispensers, plastic bag handles, and more!


These are just a few DIY projects for the house that you can create all by yourself. All of these resin printing projects can be easily created with the help of the Sonic Mighty 4K resin 3D printer and easily be used in your daily life.

Create all sorts of accurate, precise, and durable 3D prints from the comfort of your own home, that too with free 3D print files readily available online, so why not try it out yourself? Click here to find out which 3D printer best meets your needs.

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