Exciting 3D Printed Tabletop Games Coming Out This Summer

Exciting 3D Printed Tabletop Games Coming Out This Summer

3D printed tabletop games are fun and exciting is that they come in a variety of different themes, 3D printed tabletop miniatures, as well as interesting stories to keep the players entertained and wanting more! Now let’s find out more about some of the best tabletop games coming out this summer:

3D printed tabletop miniatures are commonly used for RPG tabletop gaming (or role-playing games), war games, as well as board games, and have always been a popular hobby among all generations. What makes 3D printed gaming fun and exciting is that they come in a variety of different themes, 3D printed tabletop miniatures, as well as interesting stories to keep the players entertained and wanting more! 3D printed tabletop games are usually quite flexible and can also be treated as part of a project in which you can be creative, create new characters, or even come up with your own rules!

Over the past decade, tabletop gaming has seen a surge of popularity, thanks to the various Kickstarter campaigns and social media perpetuating the gaming culture. With 3D printing, you get to print out all sorts of 3D printed tabletop miniatures and terrains to create your very own 3D gaming universe!

With its spacious building plate, Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K is the best for creating terrains for 3D printed tabletop games, while the Sonic Mini 8K is great for printing out intricate tabletop minis with 8K resolution that you can easily customize according to your own preference.

Now let’s find out more about some of the best tabletop games coming out this summer courtesy of Bestiarum Miniatures, Cast N Play, and Tiger Skull RPG:


Bestiarum Miniatures - Desert of Giant Skulls

Courtesy of Bestiarum Miniatures

Bestiarum Miniatures is creating their own universe and expanding it every month revealing new races and their biomes which can easily be used as part of a 3D printed tabletop game. In their newest release, it’s the battle between 2 races from the Deserts of Giant Skulls - Keliterians and the Vaalakery tribal people.

Keliterians are giant scorpion folks who make a living by expanding their colonies further and further, eventually desolating villages of other races and building their nests under their ruins.

On the other hand, the Vaalakeri tribes live on the peaks of the Hanging Canyons in harmony with the feathered race of giant Haasts. These are huge vulture-like birds considered to be descendants of divine celestial creatures and are sacred to the Vaalakeri tribes. The Vaalakeri people consider themselves a chosen nation.

Interested in reading more about the Deserts of Giant Skulls? Find out more on Bestiarum Miniatures’ Patreon.

Courtesy of Bestiarum Miniatures

Alexei Popovici, the founder of Bestiarum Miniatures, is a passionate sculptor who now works with a team to create ambitious sets of 3D printed models and universes. The team creates highly-detailed 3D designs of figures in the Grim Dark Fantasy Style. Alexei explains that throughout all their releases, they want to “show the beauty of the dark side.” The heroes Bestiarum Miniatures creates are not “classical heroes,” but brutal fighters for life and with life.

Courtesy of Bestiarum Miniatures 

He also took the time to talk about affordable 3D printers as this has now created opportunities and possibilities for hobbyists and creators! While praising the quality of Phrozen printers, he explained that all their 3D models are test printed on Phrozen 3D printers with Phrozen resins.

In order to present all the detailed feathers on the Haast Rider’s or the huge wings on the giant Haast, we recommend using the Sonic Mighty 4K or even the Sonic Mega 8K to produce enormous 3D printed models with ultra high resolution.

Here’s a FREE STL file from Bestiarum Miniatures’ to all our readers. Make sure to check out their Patreon and Instagram for more amazing 3D models!


Cast N Play - Deep Sea Tales

Cast N PlayCourtesy of Cast N Play

After Bestiarum Miniatures’ giant Haast and its astonishingly detailed wings, let’s shift gears and focus on Cast N Play.

Cast N PlayCourtesy of Cast N Play

This summer, Cast N Play creates a new gaming miniature series called Deep Sea Tales. This is mainly used for 3D printed tabletop games in which people can role-play as a pirate or even a sea creature. You can use your imagination and use the different resin miniatures to incorporate them into your own games. For example, the Great Auk (a ship which is included in the series) can be used for battle purposes or as transportation as part of your game.

Cast N PlayCourtesy of Cast N Play

Cast N Play is made up of artists that specialize in creating resin miniatures for 3D printed tabletop games. They have created a ton of different collections ranging from the lost tribes, mythical creatures, to marine legends that can all be used for 3D printed tabletop games. For miniature 3D printing, Cast N Play’s tabletop miniatures are great as they come with extremely vivid action poses that make them great for gaming purposes or even just to add to your 3D printing collection.

Courtesy of Cast N Play

Currently, Cast N Play is also working on 2 new board games, one of which has to do with space, creatures, and more! The other is a card game which is played with monsters and traps which you can also 3D print all by yourself.

We recommend using resin printers such as the Sonic Mini 8K to print out all the different Cast N Play characters and 3D models with 8K resolution!


Tiger Skull RPG - Relics of Forgotten Sorcery

Courtesy of Tiger Skull RPG

Last but not least, let’s find out all about Tiger Skull RPG.

This summer, Tiger Skull RPG takes things to the next level by building a library of over 50 spellbound trinkets in the form of loot cards, forming a deck called the Relics of Forgotten Sorcery (link). The cards dictate the rules of the game. What happens to your 3D printed models? The cards will let you know! Combine these with Isle of the Tiger Playmat by Tiger Skull RPG, and you’ve got yourself a proper 3D printed tabletop game!

Courtesy of Tiger Skull RPG

The studio plans to release the entire card collection on Kickstarter later this year.

Tiger Skull RPGCourtesy of Tiger Skull RPG 

Tiger Skull RPG is an art studio that creates dynamic characters for 3D printed tabletop games. Every single character is made to have a compelling narrative and unique characteristics. Alex Kolakowski, the artist behind Tiger Skull RPG, explains that the illustration process of each game begins with a vague 3D printing idea which is then organically expanded to create an imagery.

Alex says that their 3D models are designed to be played in Dungeons and Dragons, the 5th edition. This way, players can easily weave Tiger Skull RPG characters into all their gaming sessions. All their detailed minis are especially suitable to be printed with the Sonic Mini 8K.

Tiger Skull RPGTiger Skull RPG is also offering a FREE STL File to all our readers. Please click here to download this file now!

Till then, make sure to follow them on Instagram and Patreon!


As you can see, there are a ton of 3D printing ideas for RPG tabletop games this summer! You can also 3D print female warriors for your games! Click here to learn more. 

Let’s have a quick recap: Bestiarum Miniatures has an action-packed 3D printed tabletop release coming up - the battle between the Keliterians and the Vaalakery people, while Cast N Play offers a wide variety of enthusiastic 3D printed models ranging from mythical creatures to Native Americans that can all easily be incorporated into any RPG tabletop games. On the other hand, Tiger Skull RPG offers a wholesome board game experience, complete with tabletop miniatures, loot cards, and a playing mat!

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