5 Vibrant 3D Models You Can Create with Mud-Like Resin

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on January 18 2022

Resin printing can be done with various types of resins and if you’re looking to create vibrant and colorful 3D busts, then Phrozen Mud-Like resin can help you to create all the 3D models you need. With its texture and color, Phrozen Mud-Like resin will ensure that your 3D models stand out.

When creating bust sculptures, you’ll need to showcase details or even the color, here’s where the Mud-Like resin comes in handy. With its bright color, you won’t even need to paint the 3D models after they’ve been 3D printed.

Let’s find out more:


What are some features of Phrozen Mud-Like Resin?

As Phrozen Mud-Like Resin is capable of creating textured prints with vibrant colors, we recommend using this resin to create high-quality busts. Want to learn more about other Phrozen resins? Then click here.

As for which LCD 3D Printer, you should use to create these 3D models? We recommend using the Sonic Mini 4K for best results. You’ll be able to print various busts in a single print with ultra high 4K resolution!

It’s not very hard to get started with resin printing, all you need is to prepare a few 3D print files which are available for free on many various websites like ThingiverseFree3D, etc and you’re good to go!

Let’s find out what types of busts you can create with resin 3D printing:


3D Printed Pit Fiend

Phrozen Mud-Like Resin

Model Credit: Loot Studios

Look at this amazing masterpiece of the tyrant and overlord of the Bateezu from Hell’s Hierarchy. Look at the details on the horrifying horns and the face. You too can create high-quality textured prints with the help of Phrozen Mud-Like resin. Just take a look at the muscles of Pit Fiend! Check out Loot Studios' website for more files such as these.

If you’re totally into demonic characters and love trying out fantasy war games, then this 3D bust is for you.


3D Printed Alexandra Uthgarde

Phrozen Mud-Like Resin

Model Credit: Loot Studios

Alexandra Uthgarde’s 3D bust is one of the most beautiful busts you can create. Place it on your desk or table and you’ll be sure to catch the attention of everyone! This particular 3D model is well crafted to display the beauty of Alexandra Uthgarde, a female knight.

With the Sonic Mini 4K and Phrozen Mud-Like Resin, you’ll be able to capture impressive details. Just look at her hair and the dress she is wearing! The details on her face also look quite crisp, also the coral color of the Mud-Like Resin definitely adds to its X factor. Make sure to add it to your 3D printing project list!


3D Printed Styx Ferryman

Phrozen Mud-Like Resin

Model Credit: Loot Studios

Here’s another very detailed demonic bust, this time of Styx Ferryman, who is known to carry the soul of the newly deceased across the river Styx. This 3D printed design bust definitely looks scary but it’s the details that makes it much more realistic and daunting. Look at his details on his face. There’s a lot going on, so let’s break it down. His crown and teeth look sharp while his cheeks have almost a realistic facial texture, complete with pores and everything.

There’s also the fact that he’s screaming for his life! All of this rolled into one just makes it one of the most detailed demonic sculptures out there. This is where Mud-Like resin comes in handy, as it helps you recreate this exact model to the T.

Doesn’t the sculpture look neat? You can easily use the Sonic Mini 4K and Phrozen Mud-Like resin to create this perfect model. Don’t forget to add this to your list of 3D projects. Resin printing is one of the fastest ways to bring your ideas to life and create your very own tabletop army.


3D Printed Lokdor

Phrozen Mud-Like Resin

Model Credit: Loot Studios

Yet another masterpiece: the Lokdor bust. Just look at its finest details and texture, especially on the right shoulder. Don’t the tiny details and sharp bones on the shoulder guard just look outstanding?

With Phrozen Mud-Like Resin, you can easily print out the hair on his head with great detail as well as the muscular details on his body. Doesn’t it look perfectly crafted? Mud-Like Resin adds a certain texture which makes the 3D busts stand out.


3D Printed Ciktan

Phrozen Mud-Like Resin

Model Credit: Loot Studios

With the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K and the Phrozen Mud-Like resin, you get a deadly combination to create a killer 3D model like the one photographed above. Just take a look at the texture of the hair on the roaring lion head and its sharp teeth.

This is Ciktan, a fictional character born in the pride of nomadic feline folk. You can decorate it at your workspace or add it to your tabletop. Don’t forget to add this to your project list.



It has never been this easy to create high quality 3D printed busts! Just use Sonic Mini 4K and Mud-Like Resin to unleash your creativity and print out your first 3D printed bust! It’s as simple as downloading 3D print files online, setting your supports, slicing your models, then proceeding onto printing your model! Phrozen Mud-Like Resin gives your busts a super boost in terms of texture and overall details!

Are you ready for your next 3D printing project? Start now! Looking for more inspiration? Then click here!

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