Sonic Mini 8K: First Print with Phrozen Test File

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on February 11 2022

After correctly calibrating your Z-axis, it’s time for you to test out your first print with the Sonic Mini 8K! We have included a test file in the USB drive for you to test out the LCD 3D printer with Aqua-Gray 8K resin.


Step 1: Suiting Up

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K Setting Up

As direct contact with resin may cause allergic reactions, it is advisable to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) masks, goggles, and gloves while printing.


Step 2: Install the Resin Vat

Install the resin vat. Please make sure that the bottom screws of the resin vat are perfectly aligned with the platform grooves. Then tighten the screws on both sides.

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K 3D Printer

Please pay attention to the bottom screws and DO NOT damage the LCD screen when placing the resin vat.


Step 3: Fill the Vat with Resin

Make sure to shake the resin well (for approximately 1 min.) before pouring it into the resin vat. When pouring resin, make sure it does not exceed the max fill line on the resin vat.

Step 4: Transfer your File to Sonic Mini 8K

Please note that the Sonic Mini 8K 3D printer only offers a USB data transfer method. Please save the file as a .CTB file as the Sonic Mini 8K can only read .CTB files. Plug in your USB into the USB portal of Sonic Mini 8K to begin printing.

Step 5: Start Printing

On the touch panel, click PRINT, and select your .CTB file. The printing process will take approximately 2 hours.

*Note: Prior to each print session, check to see if the resin vat has already been filled with resin. Please use the plastic scraper included in the toolbox to search for cured resin left in the vat. Use the scraper to stir the resin.

Inspect the platform of the machine and check to see if any clutter has been left behind. Remove the clutter and you can begin printing.

Step 6: Finish Printing

Once the printing process is complete, the building plate will retract to the top. Wait until the resin has drained completely before proceeding onto the next step: post-processing.



  • Hi,

    How can I make a CTB file when my 3D model is made inventor?
    Tried to google it but could not help me
    Help from your side is a appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
    Regards Thor Jensen

    Posted by Thor Jensen | August 11, 2022
  • Can I use Phrozen ABS like resin to print the test file , will it work or does it have to be 8k resin? If so, what prints do the ABS like resin suit ? Thanks
    Phrozen Technology replied:
    Hi Mark,

    Yes, you can use Phrozen ABS-like resin to print the test file. Just make sure that the file has been sliced with the suitable parameters intended for ABS-like resins. You can check the resin profile for ABS-like resin here: However, Aqua 8K resins would have a better result showcasing all the 8K details of Sonic Mini 8K.

    Cheers, Phrozen Team


    Posted by Mark Sweeney | October 11, 2022
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