Sonic Mighty 8K: Unboxing

Sonic Mighty 8K: Unboxing

Let's unbox your brand new Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K LCD 3D Printer with us!

Sonic Mighty 8K is Phrozen’s ambitious take to combine the forces of its predecessors. Continuing the 8K resolution of Sonic Mini 8K and Phrozen's largest resin 3D printerSonic Mega 8K, the Sonic Mighty 8K hits the perfect sweet spot between a large building plate and the capability to print extremely delicate details.

With a 10” mono-LCD screen and a 23.5 Z-axis with dual linear rails, Sonic Mighty 8K will seriously boost your productivity and work efficiency. On top of that, its 28㎛ 8K resolution enables everyone to create crisp and sharp prints effortlessly, regardless of their printing experiences.


In this article, we will guide you through the steps of unpacking your Sonic Mighty 8K resin 3D printer and introduce you to all the components and tools included in the box.

  • Unpacking: Straight Out of the Box 
  • What’s in the Toolbox? 

Unpacking: Straight Out of the Box 

Each box contains a Sonic Mighty 8K resin 3D printer, wrapped safely with four sections of cushions protecting it. This includes an upper cushion, middle cushion, lower cushion, and inner cushion. The additional toolbox is placed inside the acrylic cover. Now, let’s get through the step-by-step of unboxing the Sonic Mighty 8K.

Step 1: Open the box carefully, make sure you are not slicing too deep.

Step 2: Take the 3D printer out of the box, then place it on a flat and stable surface.

Taking Sonic Mighty 8K out of it's box


Step 3: Remove the plastic from the printer.

Remove the plastic wrap covering the Sonic Mighty 8K


Step 4: Remove the acrylic cover, then take out the toolbox and the inner cushion.

Sonic Mighty 8K, toolbox, and the inner cushion 


What’s in the Toolbox?  

The toolbox contains essential tools for setting up the Sonic Mighty 8K, as well as tools to maintain your resin 3D printing to ensure it’s always in its prime condition and ready to print.


Sonic Mighty 8K toolbox content 


*Important: Double-check to see whether everything is included in your toolbox and make sure to understand how each tool is used before proceeding to the next step.


User Manual

The user manual contains essential information for users to set up their Sonic Mighty 8K. This includes the introduction of functions and capabilities of the device, keynotes before printing, and a step-by-step tutorial for setting up the resin 3D printer.


After-Sales Service & Warranty Certificate

Please view our Warranty Certificate to find your 3D printer’s serial number in case the 3D printer (or parts of the machine) are found to be damaged or not functioning properly. We also provide you with a QR code for our 3D printing tutorials and Phrozen’s Warranty Policy.



Please avoid direct contact with resin. This includes any part of your body or clothing. We suggest wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as masks, goggles, and gloves while printing and using resin.


Scraper Set

The metal scraper is used for removing models from the building plate after printing, while the plastic scraper is for cleaning the resin vat after printing or removing cured resin that is stuck on the FEP film or LCD screen.

*Important: DO NOT use the metal scraper to remove cured resin stuck on the FEP film.



To start your device, you will need to connect the adapter to your Sonic Mighty 8K.


Allen Wrench

The Allen wrench included in the toolbox is intended for unscrewing and tightening the building plate while performing the Z-axis Calibration test.


Plastic Funnel

The plastic funnel is used for filtering out the excess resin after printing. Simply place the plastic funnel on top of the resin bottle cap, then pour the resin back into the bottle.



Sonic Mighty 8K supports USB drive file transfer as well as Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The USB is used to store your 3D printing file. Plug it into your resin 3D printer, and you’re good to go.


Wi-Fi Adapter

To support the internet connection and file import feature, we provide a Wi-Fi adapter in the toolbox. You can also use an Ethernet cable if it was your connection of choice. To learn more about the Internet Connection feature, click here.

Click here to learn more about your Sonic Mighty 8K.

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