Top 5 DIY 3D Printing Projects For Beginners

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on November 12 2021

Ever since consumer-level resin 3D printers have become widely available, there have been a plethora of 3D models and free stl files available online. This technology has been around for more than 30 years, and now, we can see the benefits of using these 3D printers to create our very own collection of 3D models. You can create everyday objects or showcase pieces that can be used at both work or at home.

The great thing about the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K is that you have the freedom to create virtually any DIY project you can think about. You can print large imaginative projects with 4K resolution that gives you flawless details even for the tiniest creations.

Stl files for these 3D models can either be purchased online or downloaded for free. If you’re looking to create the ultimate details, we recommend using Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K. Click here to learn more about the different resin 3D printing techniques that are currently available. 

Let’s find out how your resin 3D printer can bring your favorite 3D models to life:

3D Printed Tablet Holder

When purchasing a new tablet or smartphone, they don’t normally come with a stand. Even now, brands like Apple opt to remove the charger, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic . So, what should we do if we just want to relax and watch YouTube on our tablets?

Unlike a laptop, tablets don’t have a base, so it needs something sturdy to lean on. Sometimes, the tablet may slip or slide, which means you need to reposition it again and again.

One solution is to purchase a tablet holder, or better yet, look for a 3D design of a tablet holder yourself! If you own a resin 3D printer just like the Sonic Mighty 4K, you can just print a tablet holder for yourself. You can either download files of 3D models online or model one by using software such as Blender or 3Ds Max. There’s a large variety of 3D modeling software out there for resin 3D printing.

For beginners in 3D printing, this is a great project to start with. It’s a simple resin printing project that you can create without the need of setting any supports in the slicer software.

3D Printed DIY Amplifier

Smartphones have limited range when it comes to their audio. With low-end smartphone models, they echo a lot, or the volume simply isn’t loud enough. Of course, if you happen to be watching a movie with a low volume, then getting an amplified speaker may be your only choice. But what if there is a more portable way to do it, as those things tend to be bulky or inconvenient at times.

Did you know that resin 3D models of speaker amplifiers exist? This 3D printed model can act as an amplifier and a phone stand at the same time. It is definitely worth trying, especially if you want to create to take advantage of the smooth finish you find in resin 3D printing.

As the name implies, this 3D printed iPhone 5 Amplifier Dock increases the volume of your phone while also serving as a cellphone stand holder. Thanks to Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K’s stable build, you don’t have to worry about issues about wobbling or distorted prints when working on your DIY 3D Printer project. You can easily place this resin 3D printer at home and use it to create all sorts of DIY 3D printer projects. Find all sorts of free stl files of websites such as

3D Printed DIY Earphone Organizer

As earphone cables tend to be small in size, it’s very easy to misplace or lose your favorite earphones. This is where a 3D printed DIY earphone organizer comes in handy.

A lot of us experience this, headphone wires that have mysteriously tangled up in our pockets. What if there was a way to organize our headphones? Enter the 3D printed DIY earphone organizer. It’s one of the simplest projects out there. Just print it out and loop the cord around it. Judging by the size of this particular 3D design, it can fit in one’s pocket or side pocket, so you’ll never have to worry about entanglement issues again.

Just like a phone stand or a tablet holder, this accessory doesn’t normally come along with a smartphone when we purchase it. Fortunately, you can easily find free 3D printing files such as these to include as part of a project. This earphone organizer is very easy to print on your Sonic Mighty 4K.

If you’re looking for projects related to 3D printing for beginners, then this is a great project to get started with. Just type “free 3D print files” on Google and take a look at what you’ll find!

3D Printed USB Holder

USB holders, we need them, and we love them. If you have a collection of flash drives or SD Cards, one of the problems that come with having too many is the potential to misplace them. While the hardware costs some money, the data stored inside them is far more important and valuable than the USBs itself. Sure, we can just chuck these into a drawer.. BUT that’s just a waste of a good drawer. When looking for your USBs, you’ll have to dig through the entire drawer.

This 3D model is a great way to find the USB you’re looking for when you need it. Just plop the USB holder between you and your monitor, and you’re good to go. Perhaps one of the challenges with printing something like this is wondering if the sticks will fit snugly into the slots. For that, resin 3D printing is the way to ensure that the USB drive aligns exactly with the USB holder.

If this is something that concerns you, a resin printer is going to be the best tool for the job because you can get accurate prints down to the millimeter. You should definitely try out 3D designs such as these so that you can store your USBs with ease.

3D Printed Clip Peg

This is another simple yet ingenious way to explore your resin printing capabilities. The humble clip peg! It’s a fun and useful free 3D print file to download. There’s a lot of use for this clip peg or bag clip, you can use it for anything from hanging clothes to sealing a bag of chips. These items are also prone to breaking, given their nature.

If this keeps happening, you may need to purchase one again and again. Sometimes, one may not be enough. But if you have a 3D printer that prints fast like the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K, you can just print several at once. This resin 3D printer is able to whip out a batch of these pegs in no time! You can also design your own clip peg, and customize it according to your needs.

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