Sonic Mighty 4K Reviews

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on February 09 2021

Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K has been making its way into people’s homes and workshops. The Sonic Mighty 4K LCD 3D printer is capable of printing out large prints and terrains in 4K resolution, easily bringing all your 3D printing ideas to life.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews for Sonic Mighty 4K:

Printable Scenery Review - Sonic Mighty 4K

Courtesy of Printable Scenery

Printable Scenery explained in its review that Sonic Mighty 4K’s instruction manual was “very easy to follow” and referred to the process of setting up Phrozen’s newest resin 3D printer as “simple.”

Two 3D models were tested, the Ruined Guardian Statues and a full-sized contorted tree.

To compare results, both the Sonic Mighty 4K and the Form 2 were used to print out the Ruined Guardians Statues.

Printable Scenery explains that even though the Phrozen LCD 3D printer looked smaller in size, it actually has a larger printing volume than the Form 2.

Courtesy of Printable Scenery

The Sonic Mighty finished printing out the Ruined Guardians Statues model faster than the Form 2, that too with “crisper detail.”

Courtesy of Printable Scenery

To test the print size of the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K, Printable Scenery then printed out a Contorted Tree from its Shadowfey Wilds collection. The entire model was 3D printed out one go, taking only 18 hours.

As these types of 3D models are usually too big to be printed out with resin printers, makers turn to FDM 3D printers instead. FDM printers would require the model to be printed out in segments, which would take a much longer time to print out the tree model than with the Sonic Mighty 4K.

To learn more about the differences between FDM 3D printing and LCD 3D printing, please click here

Courtesy of Printable Scenery

Printable Scenery then used Phrozen Luna Cure UV Curing Lamp to cure the models. 

Courtesy of Printable Scenery

To conclude its Sonic Mighty 4K review, this is what Printable Scenery had to say:

“To say we are happy with our new printer is an understatement. The Sonic Mighty will be our workhorse printer going forward. It’s easier to use and maintain than the Form 2, has a larger print volume, and prints faster.”

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Bite the Bullet Patreon Review 

Courtesy of Bite the Bullet Patreon

Bite the Bullet explained in its review that the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K was not too difficult to set up, and said that the fast test print with validation matrix and recommended settings turned out splendid.

Courtesy of Bite the Bullet Patreon

The entire building plate was filled with a total of 9 characters, 6 bases, and 5 sceneries, which were printed out at once.

Courtesy of Bite the Bullet Patreon

The 35mm miniatures were printed out flawlessly without the need to tweak anything.

Bite the Bullet praised the 3D printed models, saying that they looked awesome, emphasizing that it was “more than enough quality to justify the purchase and half the printing time.”

Courtesy of Bite the Bullet Patreon

The Patreon creator also explained that the Phrozen Cure Luna is a great companion to the Sonic Mighty 4K as it reduces the required curing time and looks cool at the same time.

Click here to view Bite the Bullet’s entire review of the Sonic Mighty 4K.

3D PrintingPro Review  

3D PrintingPro praised the “rock-solid construction” of the Sonic Mighty 4K in his review, explaining that the dual linear rail was all metal and solid.

He told his viewers that the resin vat is made out of high-grade plastic and expressed his admiration over the design of the building plate, saying that it is easy to hold onto. This way, he can unscrew the knob, grab the handles and easily carry the building plate after printing.

In 3D PrintingPro’s experience, leveling the building plate of the Sonic Mighty 4K was easy as it worked perfectly with almost no effort.

Courtesy of 3DPrintingPro

3DPrintingPro printed out a 30mm+ 3D model on his first try, and it came out perfect.

Courtesy of 3DPrintingPro 

He then proceeded to print out a 28mm tall dwarf, which came out really good. Even though light supports were used on a bigger building plate, the prints came out fine.

He was “super impressed” that a large-scale printer such as the Sonic Mighty 4K was capable of printing with that much detail, saying that the LCD 3D printer is able to consistently produce big prints.

3DPrintingPro also pointed out that the price of the Sonic Mighty was “insane.” At $499 (now $599), the device is “extremely good,” 3DPrintingPro stated.

He ended the review highly recommending the Sonic Mighty 4K as it “prints flawlessly” and “feels like a good machine.”

Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K is currently available for $599, click here to get yours now!



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