Revolutionizing the World With an Affordable 3D Printer

Revolutionizing the World With an Affordable 3D Printer

Curious on why the Sonic Mini 8K S is launced at such an affordable price point? Let us share the secret with you.

“I think you shouldn’t sell it this cheap.”

Well, maybe we shouldn’t, considering how much we have been working on improving this printer for the past year, but we have a dream and we want to make it happen.

That comment came from one of our community members who had the opportunity to test out and play around with the printer before we released them to the public. After all, we would like to receive legit feedback from real users on how our printer is performing and how we can make it better before we ship them out to you guys.

This printer, is the Sonic Mini 8K S, our latest resin printer release and another addition to our current Phrozen 8K Series. With the same 22 µm 8K resolution as the Sonic Mini 8K, it was almost 50% cheaper compared to its predecessor launch price, easily making it the best budget printer in 2023, or ever.

But the question is, why? 

Why are we launching the Sonic Mini 8K S at such an unbeatable price point, especially as an 8K printer?

Revolutionizing the World of 3D Printing

Since first launched back in 2016, we’ve dreamed of a world where everyone could have the ultimate freedom to bring their dreams into reality. To create anything they could think of and turns it into something that brings them and others joy. This dream, is what propels us to create a 3D printer that prints with ultra-high resolution and is capable of maintaining even the smallest details, replicating the designs exactly as it is.

Models printed on the Sonic Mini 8K S

It’s the dream that brought the first 8K resin 3D printer to life, and three 8K printers later, the Sonic Mini 8K S.

After revolutionizing the world of 3D printing with the Sonic Mini 8K,’s 22 µm resolution, it is still the highest XY resolution available on a consumer resin 3D printer even after almost two years of being launched, proofing Phrozen’s dedication to always aim for creating the best, and continuously offering incredible precision and accuracy to those who yearn for it.

Yet, with the level of quality it offers, the Sonic Mini 8K, doesn’t come at the most affordable price point and we are aware of it. It’s a big investment that, unfortunately, limits the number of people who would feel comfortable purchasing it.

So for the past two years, we’ve been working on this technology, finding ways to reduce the price while maintaining the level of detail and precision it could offer, without sacrificing the quality. And therefore, born the Sonic Mini 8K S.

A Printer Suitable for All

Launched as a pre-order bundle at just $299.99, the Sonic Mini 8K S aims to be a resin 3D printer for the mass. With a more affordable price, it’s a suitable entry-level printer for beginners as well as for 3D printing professionals who are looking for another addition to their printer collections. We hope the Sonic Mini 8K Scan be the investment and tool that supports your dreams to create, just like how 3D printing continuously inspires us to innovate.

Whether you are a student trying to work your way through college and are on a mission to find the right tool to support your study and big projects, perhaps a business owner exploring new paths and possibilities, or even a father who is simply looking for excitement through new hobbies and communities, the Sonic Mini 8K S will be a great choice for you.

A father and his daughter enjoying Sonic Mini 8K S

The new and improved technology of Sonic Mini 8K Smakes 3D printing super easy, even for those who are just starting out. With more uniformed lights from the new liner projection LED module, your prints will come out sharper and crisper, so you don’t need to worry about losing all the intricate details you’ve added to your design. To increase the printing success rate, the building plate of the Sonic Mini 8K S is also engraved with a frosted laser-cut design. This small detail makes your prints attached firmer to the building plate so you can easily avoid peelings or your prints falling down from the plate.

And overall, it’s designed to make sure you have the best 3D printing experience regardless if this is your first time printing.

Get the Sonic Mini 8K S at the Lowest Price Possible

So why do we make this printer so affordable?

Because we want everyone to have a chance in 3D printing. And to make sure the Sonic Mini 8K S can be that affordable printer that you can trust, and to celebrate this dream of ours to bring 3D printers to the mass, we will be offering a pre-order bundle that will be available until June, 7th 2023. 

The bundle will include one Aqua 8K resin with the color of your choice and free shipping for selected countries. If you are interested in this printer, make sure to get the Sonic Mini 8K S pre-order bundle now at its best price. Is this the 8K printer you’ve been waiting for?

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