Finding The Best 8K Resolution 3D Printer for Your Needs

Finding The Best 8K Resolution 3D Printer for Your Needs

Have you been planning on getting a new Phrozen 8K printer but are unsure which of the three to get? This article will break down each printer's specs and characteristics to help you choose the Phrozen 8K printer that best suits your needs and interests.

Is this your first time getting an LCD 3D printer?

Or you've been a part of the 3D printing community for a while but now looking to upgrade your printers to 8K resolutions? Look no further! Phrozen 8K series has everything you need!

In this article, we will break down each of our 8K series 3D printers so you can decide which of the three is the best LCD 3D printer for you to invest in.


size comparison of Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K, Sonic Mighty 8K, and Sonic Mega 8K


First, let's take a look at the size differences between these three 8K resolution printers. Do you know that our Sonic Mega 8K is the first resin 3D printer in the market with impressive 8K resolutions? Sonic Mega 8K is Phrozen's first venture on the 8K printers, with its ambitious goal to provide the highest resolution possible on a 15" mono-LCD screen with a 40cm tall Z-axis. Created to print out huge models like cosplay costumes and tabletop terrains, this 43µm resolution printer is equipped with a complete metal exterior to ensure a strong build and steady print. If what you need is a monstrous size or mass printing capability, Sonic Mega 8K is definitely the best LCD 3D printer for you.


example of models 3D-printed with the Sonic Mega 8K


On the total opposite side, Sonic Mini 8K put an even stronger emphasis on its 8K resolutions. With a 22 µm resolution and a 7.1" LCD screen, the Sonic Mini 8K is perfect for 3D printing jewelry and intricate miniatures with extreme level of details. Despite its compact size, the Sonic Mini 8K is equipped with dual linear rails and a frosted laser cut plate to ensure printing stability and enhance the printing success rate. Known as one of the wargaming community's favorites, the Sonic Mini 8K is the highest LCD 3D printer resolution available in the market for commercial desktop printers. 


Example of models 3D-printed by the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K


Now, let's say you need to print models with the delicate details of  Sonic Mini 8K, but the 7.1" screen is too small for your preference. Or you may want the enormous results of the Sonic Mega 8K but feel like the 43µm is not high enough? Worry not! This year, Phrozen has come up with the Sonic Mighty 8K! Balancing a larger printing volume with the much beloved 8K resolutions. With its 28µm resolution and 10" LCD screen, the Sonic Mighty 8K are specially designed for 3D printing artists and creators to boost their productivity while maintaining all the highly intricate details on their models. A perfect fit from both worlds! On top of that, the Sonic Mighty 8K offers 12 different language settings and a super intuitive interface, allowing beginners to dive into the resin 3D printing world in no time.


Example of models printed with the Sonic Mighty 8K


In the video below, we show you the printing volume comparison of the Sonic Mini 8K and Sonic Mighty 8K. While both of the printers will provide ultra-high resolutions to ensure all your details are printed flawlessly, we can see that Sonic Mighty 8K larger building plate allows us to print more and bigger in each batch, significantly reducing printing time and enhancing efficiency. The Basilisk model in the video needs only three batches of printing with the Sonic Mighty 8K, while it might require up to six batches and more to print the same model with Sonic Mini 8K



Now that you've learned everything about the Phrozen Sonic 8K resolutions series, do you know which is the best 3D printer for you? Don't forget to choose the right printer according to your needs, and let us know which of these Phrozen 8K 3D printers are your favorites in the comment below!

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