benefits of printing with water-washable resin

How Water-Washable Resin Allows Meh Modeler to Continue His Modeling Hobby

For someone with hyperosmia, the Water-Washable Resin is a game-changer for their 3D printing and modeling hobby. Read how Water-Washable Resin makes such a difference for Jacob.

Have you been following our blog posts and Facebook Groups? Well, if you do, you must have been familiar with the name Jacob Richards.

After sharing with us his experience with the Sonic Mini 8K S and how it's such a perfect printer for miniatures, this time, he's sharing his experience with Water-Washable Resin and why he loves it, way before it was mainstream.

highly detailed architectural model resin printedModel: Best 3D Building

Jacob's Experience With Resin 3D Printing

After starting wargaming in 2005, Jacob pushed himself into scale modeling in 2010. Since then, he's been so serious about excelling his modeling and painting hobby, leading him to submit his works to various contests, teaching modeling workshops, and writing for the Michigan Toy Soldier blog.

In 2021, after fifteen years of modeling hobby, Jacob spread his wings and dived head first into resin 3D printing in pursuit of adding more intricate details and custom nuances to his work. As a dedication to his new interest, he has since taken online classes to learn about 3D modeling, custom support works, and even dipping his foot deeper into the science behind resin 3D printing.

Below is our conversation with Jacobs regarding his experience with water-washable resin.

How's your encounter with Water-Washable Resin?

I've been dealing with migraines since I was 5 years old, and strong smells (like alcohol or IPA) can become unbearable at times. Being able to use water washable resin and not have to worry about harsh cleaning agents has been nice. In addition, it was really helpful during the pandemic since IPA was out of stock in many places.

architectural model resin 3d printingModel: Best 3D Building

I first learned about Phrozen Water-Washable Resin when I was looking for an alternative to another company's. It was recommended as a better water-washable resin than what I was using. After some research, I was drawn by the strength and ease of cleaning it offers. Tried it out and have been hooked since.

How was your experience working with this resin?

Working with water-washable resin is pretty straightforward - it behaves like any other resin, but the magic happens when you go to clean it.

I have heard other people saying that the 8K resins outperform water-washable resin, but I am not sure I completely agree with that. As with any resin, prints will turn out sharp if you take the time to learn how the resin interacts with your particular machine. Once the correct settings are nailed, the sky's the limit, and I’ve been very happy with how sharp my models have printed while using the water-washable resin.

Aircraft model made with resin 3d printingModel: Best 3D Building

What are your tips and tricks for using water-washable resin?

Every resin has its hurdles to overcome. The trick with using water washable resin is to make sure the model is properly cleaned, especially if you hollow the prints.

The resin is very easy to clean, but it’s always best to do a thorough job. I took on a two-stage cleaning process with my wash and cure using two separate bins to wash the models. To add a little bit of a punch, I’ll add a drop or two of degreasing dish soap in one of the containers to really ensure that uncured resin is removed.

Other times, I'll use a VERY soft toothbrush to lightly (with barely any pressure) scrub the model. I have also since learned to place drain holes correctly if I ever have to make anything hollow.

Here's a key tip: It’s best to make the holes larger than you think they need to be and add more than you think is the minimum.

Lastly, just like any other resin, use the combo of Phrozen's Curing Station and Cure Beam to ensure everything is cured both inside and out.

Building miniatures 3d printed resin modelModel: Best 3D Building

Mind sharing with us what you've printed with this easy-to-clean resin?

I have printed everything from gaming figures, model tanks, diorama elements, and even entire gaming boards with Phrozen Water-Washable Resin. Printers used are my trusty Sonic Mighty 8K and Sonic Mini 8K S, along with some other printers by other manufacturers. Everything comes up great. You just need to know how to tune them, just as if you are using any other resin.

Anything you particularly like with this resin, and how can we improve it?

I loved how well the resin can be cleaned, and I’m pretty sure the strength of the product has been improved since I have been using it. One thing I wish could be changed is the color of the resin - I love the dark grey color of the Aqua-Gray 8K. I also wish it could be as strong as my ONYX Impact and Aqua-Gray 8K mix, but that’s due to me having a 5 year old who gets curious about my prints.

LCD Resin 3D printed Prince Model

Model: Selfix

Based on your experience, who would you recommend this resin to?

I’d completely suggest using this resin to anyone, both new and experienced printers alike. I’d suggest it to newer printer enthusiasts if they’re unsure about the cleaning agents that are needed to clean other resins. Also, if someone is sensitive to smells and wants to avoid the smells certain cleaning agents exude, definitely give Phrozen Water-Washable Resin a try.

Any final thoughts about water-washable resin, resin 3D printing, or how it affects your modeling hobby in general?

I love the freedom that 3D printing allows me to have. I have been able to create so much since I got into this aspect of my modeling hobby. I might even need to get a Sonic Mega 8K S to meet my needs to make larger pieces of scenery for dioramas!

Being able to use water-washable resin for 3D printing simplifies one more aspect of the overall process. I can use water as needed and properly dispose of it, just as I would with other cleaning agents. Anything that makes this portion of the hobby easier in my book is a win!

Huge shoutout to Jacob for sparing his time for us. If you want to see more of his creation, make sure to give him a visit at his Facebook page. And if you have never tried the water-washable resin, this is definitely your sign to give it a try!

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