3D Print Your Fantasy City with Sonic Mega 8K

3D Print Your Fantasy City with Sonic Mega 8K

With resin 3D printing, you can create all sorts of fun stuff...what about 3D printing a city? Today, we’ll provide you with a few 3D printing ideas so that you can either create a futuristic city or a medieval city with the Sonic Mega 8K:

With resin 3D printing, you can create all sorts of fun stuff...what about 3D printing a city? Here’s a fun bonding activity in which you can use your imagination and work with friends or family to create a city of 3D printed models from scratch!

If that’s not enough, you can also look for free STL files of 3D models online. This can also be turned into a stylish decoration piece for your home.

One unique feature of the Sonic Mega 8K is that its sheer ginormous size allows us to easily print out entire city structures & buildings on its building plate in a single print! This is a great way for hobbyists to express themselves with their innermost creativity.

3D Printing a Futuristic City

With so many unique architectural pieces all around the world, why not mix and match elements from different cities around the world to create your own custom city? You can create your own futuristic city that includes skyscrapers, high tech buildings, and more.

Here we’re going to share a few ideas with you so that you can create a futuristic city with the help of a resin 3D printer:



Every city comes with iconic structures & buildings that mark their identity. For example, when most people think of Dubai, they think of the Burj Khalifa; likewise when most people think of Taiwan, Taipei 101 is usually the first thing that comes to mind.

When creating our own 3D printed city, we decided to print out several to showcase the rise and development of a futuristic city. High-rise buildings such as the Turning Torso, Petronas Tower, and the Empire State Building are all placed together in our fantasy city! Notice the details present on the exterior of all buildings, this makes it extremely suitable for 8K 3D printing on our Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K!

You can find lots more free STL files of 3D models of skyscrapers available on thingiverse.com, or myminifactory.com, and more.

Feel free to pick one you like and tinker with it :)



Credit: ruslano3D

When creating your own city, you can also print out a futuristic bridge. This is an important passageway that can also serve as a scenic viewing point, connecting the city from one point to another. With its elaborate designs, and unique structures, bridges are a great piece of architecture you can try to recreate with 3D printing and use as an addition to your futuristic city.

We chose this 3D printed design above as it comes with intricate patterns that would be perfect to recreate with resin printing. 


Apartment Buildings

When choosing 3D models for your city, don’t forget about apartment buildings. These form the core of the city. Where else will people live?

There are still a ton of other structures you can include in your city, such as railways, cars, and more. Feel free to print out various 3D printed models and you’ll be creating your own fantasy futuristic city in no time! 


3D Printing an Ancient Medieval City

Now, let’s find out about how you can create a medieval 3D printed city. There are a ton of resources online that allow you to print out a wide variety of medieval architecture 3D models that will transport you back to the old days.

Here are some fascinating 3D printing ideas for medieval structures you can create with the Sonic Mega 8K:


3D Print Ancient Towers

Resin 3D Printed Tower - Sonic Mega 8K

3D printed towers have been steadily gaining popularity these few years. There are a ton of RPG tabletop games, or 3D printed tabletop games that use these 3D printed models as a way to create a gaming world and add to the gaming experience.

But that’s not the only way that these ancient towers can be used. Besides gaming, you can also add these towers to your medieval city. These towers can be used as a place of hiding or refuge or can also be used as a way to keep a lookout for someone. Just look at the details on the stone pathway and design on this humongous tower.


3D Printed Medieval Fighting Pits & Bridges

Fighting pits were also commonly used during the medieval times. These were used for ruthless blood sport where spectators would attend to watch bears, dogs, or bulls fighting one another in a gruesome way.

You can print this HUGE 3D model from Infinite Dimensions. Just take a look at its grand entrance, its doorway, and the details on the VIP booth and the surrounding balconies! This is a must-include addition for any medieval city.

Another thing you should include in any medieval city is medieval bridges. These tend to be made out of stone or wood which means that there is a certain texture that is needed. This is where resin 3D printing comes in handy.

With Phrozen’s Sonic Mega 8K, print out all the bridges you desire with 8K resolution! Just take a look at the fine details and crisp texture. This makes it another lovely addition to your medieval city.


Showcase your 3D Printed City

Once you’re done, you can easily decorate your masterpiece in your house, gaming room, or anywhere you desire. Projects such as these allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create your dream city. You can add this to your collection so that you and others can admire your handiwork or you can also use it for tabletop gaming.

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