3D printed resin model of Xenomorph from Alien

DIY Action Figures of Your Favorite Movie Characters With Resin 3D Printing

Thought a figurine of the character from that movie you watched last night would be so cool for your desktop decoration, but it costs hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy? Why don’t just resin 3D print it yourself?

Why is 3D printing so cool, you ask?

Well, simply because it lets you create pretty much anything that you can think of. From miniatures collections of your favorite tabletop games to large action figures of your favorite characters, everything is possible with 3D printing. More specifically, resin 3D printing.

It brings you the possibility of bringing your wildest creations to life in just a few simple steps. Thought a figurine of the character from that movie you watched last night would be so cool for your desktop decoration, but it costs hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy? Why don’t just resin 3D print it yourself? It gives you that unbeatable satisfaction from creating stuff with your own hands. And most importantly, way friendlier to your pocket!

Even better, if you have the skill to sculpt your own 3D models, the sky is literally your limit. You can create action figures from any character you like, with any pose that will please your heart. With some extra tweaks, you can even create articulated action figures with resin 3D printing.

But, what if designing and sculpting digital 3D models are not for you?

Don’t worry! There are hundreds of 3D model designers out there offering their ready to print 3D model files at just a fraction of what a store-bought action figure would cost you. Just purchase these ready to print 3D models and you are ready for your own DIY project of resin 3D printed action figures!

Today, let’s take a look at some of our favorite resin 3D printed action figures that we and our partners have printed in the past months!



Some people might confuse Venom as the villain since it was first portrayed as the archenemy and one of the most prominent villains of Spiderman. However, on the later Venom movies, we can see his character arc reveals that Venom is an anti-hero instead. This revelation has turned a lot of people into Venom fans, including some of us here at the office. So we resin 3D printed out this amazing Venom model designed by Eric Chen.

Eric did an amazing job replicating the details of Venom into this awesome 3D model. Just pay closer attention to his muscles and veins. It’s incredible how each of them is so vividly visible. And don’t forget about his teeth too. They look so sharp and ready to bite your head off. The attention to detail on this 3D model, combined with the quality of Sonic Mighty 8K, has delivered a remarkably stunning 3D printed resin model of Venom right to your desk.


Neytiri - Avatar

Initially planning to track down humans as they invaded her tribe, she ended up falling in love with the main protagonist, a human name Jake. Neytiri is portrayed as a powerful soldier with the ability to connect with Pandora’s natural world, giving her the ability to communicate with animals and plants. Although she doesn’t appear as much in the second installment of the movie, the latest Avatar: The Way of Water still gave her a lot of traffic and raised her popularity.

Hence why our friends at Toy High! decided to create this stunning bust model of Neytiri. Printed with Sonic Mighty 8K, the texture of the 3D model is captured perfectly. Although Toy High! mentioned in his Youtube video that the bust he created this time was slightly different than his usual style as the original resin printed 3D model of this Neytiri bust looks quite bland compared to what he usually creates. However, you won’t realize it when you see the final result as Toy High! and his friend Jian Liang beautifully airbrushed the model with the distinctive blue color of the Na’vi tribe skin and added extra special touches. They used real hair and beads to create Neytiri’s braided hair and some real feathers for her necklace.

To see more of Toy High!’s creation, make sure to check out his Youtube channel. You can also watch the full video of the creation process of Neytiri on the channel. It’s definitely a treat to see the various materials and details he put into creating this stunning model.


Dead Strange - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you must be familiar with this character. Or at least the other, more alive form of this character. Dr. Strange is one key character from the final part of the Avengers: End Game as he uses his power to open the portals that summon all of Marvel’s heroes in the battle of humanity against Thanos, automatically making him such a popular character.

However, in his next movie—Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Dr. Strange is portrayed to have the final battle with Scarlette Witch as Dead Strange, a version of Strange in which he dreamwalk into his dead body in a different universe and turns it into a zombie. This model by MarcoArtHK was created to forever capture the impressive power of Dead Strange.

We resin 3D printed this model with Sonic Mighty 8K and Aqua-Gray 8K to fully depict the intricacy of this model. Resin 3D printing this model is a little tricky due to all of the overhang details. This requires us to manually add extra support before slicing the 3D model. But you know what? It’s definitely worth it. I mean, look at that result!


Xenomorph - Alien

First appeared in the 1979 sci-fi horror franchise "Alien", the Xenomorph has since become one of the most well-known alien characters. Depicted as a highly intelligent predator and a parasitic life cycle, the Xenomorph has gradually become an icon of sci-fi, horror, and pop culture.

With its sleek, long head and sharp, deadly claws, the Xenomorph looks terrifying yet unique. It stands out in comparison to other popular alien characters like E.T. or ones with a green big head due to its cool appearance. And, of course, the details on this character make it such a great 3D model to resin 3D print! Just look at how its tail and body are printed with such vivid details and precision! Doesn't it make you want to print your own?


Feral Predator - Prey

Portrayed as a fearsome and deadly hunter with iconic dreadlocks, a set of mandibles, and a muscular build, the Yautja or more popularly known as the Predator, is a highly popular character in pop culture. They are well known for their code of honor and warrior culture, which dictates their hunting behavior, including how they select their prey, how they treat a fallen enemy, and how they choose their alliances in pursuit of greater goods.

If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, you must have heard about the Alien vs. Predator franchise, a story where two of the most iconic pop culture character are brought together in a heated conflict. Just like the Alien model mentioned above, this Predator model is also beautifully designed, complete with its shield and weapon. 3D printed with Aqua Red-Clay 8K resin on a Sonic Mighty 8K, this resin 3D model captures every detail with perfection. Look at the pattern on his shield or the spikes on his armor.. This resin 3D model of the Predator will definitely be a great piece as your desktop decoration!


What other movie characters should we 3D print? Or which of these would you like to print yourself? If you are lucky enough to have such a popular favorite character like those we featured above, then finding a ready to print 3D model for your character won’t be a problem!

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