Create Articulated 3D Models with Resin Printing

Create Articulated 3D Models with Resin Printing

Resin printing is one of the most precise 3D printing methods available out there. There’s just so much one can do. A cool type of 3D model you can create with resin 3D printing are these articulated 3D models (also known as print-in-place 3D models)! These 3D prints are pretty unique and fun to create, since they consist of various joints, hinges, and links to create moving parts that are printed in just one go. 

With the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K and the all-new Aqua-Gray 8K Resin, you can create print-in-place models  with an impressive amount of details. Print-in-place models are a fun way to produce fun creations with your resin 3D printer. 

We’ve prepared a list of some amazing articulated 3D models for you so that you can begin printing right away! Let’s go: 


1) 3D Printed Crystal Dragon


Take a deep breath and let’s just admire those details on the dragon’s body. This print-in-place 3D model is one of the best looking ones out there! This 3D printed model looks amazing and is very easy to print. This realistic crystal dragon is roughly 10 inches long. 

We recommend using the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K with Aqua-Gray 8K Resin for best results. Looking for details? Then this 8K 3D printer is the best choice for you! 

Download it here:


2) 3D Printed Matching Blocks


This is a very simple yet creative print-in-place 3D model. Just look at how precise it is. Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K is capable of printing out all your models to the T. It consists of two parts interlinked together to form a creative block shape when brought together. The edges are sharp and exact.  

If you’re just starting out with creating print-in-place 3D models, this resin print should definitely be on your list.


3) 3D Printed Circle Puzzle


Here’s another fantastic articulated model!  This round puzzle links perfectly between each piece to form a circle. Once the print is ready, joining the puzzle together is just so satisfying. 

The circle puzzle can easily be kept on your work desk and be used for de-stressing purposes if you’re feeling anxious at work. 

Download it here:


4) 3D Printed Sophisticated Textile


Believe it or not, this piece of textile was made out of resin printing.  Take a closer look and you’ll see that it consists of many small pieces connected together to form a chain! The degree of mobility that this 3D model offers is just incredible. This is a great 3D print to add to your collection. 

Download it here:


5) 3D Printed Articulated Dragon

 With high resolution printing, 3D printers can produce all the details on even the tiniest of 3D prints. Just look at the face and the nostrils of this articulated dragon. It looks smooth and immaculate. 

As print-in-place models include moving parts, this makes the 3D printed dragon look even more realistic than previously possible. 

Download it here:


Articulated 3D models are definitely a fun and unique way to try out resin printing. You’ll be amazed by the moving joints and the impressive amount of details and degree of mobility each 3D model has to offer. 

For best results, we recommend using the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K with Aqua-Gray 8K Resin. Click here to find out which Phrozen 3D printer is best suited for your needs. 

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