Create 3D Printed Train Models with Sonic Mighty 4K

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on December 10 2021

The 21st Century is truly the era of technological advancement. Everyday, 3D printing mesmerizes us with its ability to create all sorts of 3D printed models. 3D printing is able to transform a three-dimensional digital model into a physical object that is present in the real world. A good example of 3D models is miniature trains!

Printing 3D train models is a fun hobby for a lot of people. With resin 3D printing, you can produce a large quantity of train models, parts, and pieces in a single print. You can also use resin 3D printing to create intricate and creative designs that have never been seen before.

As part of a 3D printing project, you can create strong yet lightweight train models. All the models in this blog post have been designed and printed by artists Kaustav Chatterjee and Jerry Bunyan! They explained that the kind of detail that the Sonic Mighty 4K is capable of printing out is “mind-blowing.” “The results are so small and precise that we could've never imagined them to be made, like a 1:160 scale bicycle. You could even see the weaving of the basket on it,” they noted.

What’s Resin 3D Printing All About?

But first, let's find out a bit about resin 3D printing. Did you know that there are multiple resin 3D printing techniques out there? Please click here to find out more. There’s also a fascinating history behind 3D printing. Want to find out what was the first item ever 3D printed? Click here to find out!

With 3D printing, you’re able to print out even the smallest parts of a train. Now, isn’t that something? Let’s find out what sorts of 3D train models you can create with resin 3D printing:

3D Printed Miniature Train Models

Basic Train Model

Photo Courtesy of Trains and Dioramas

First, you need the concept of a train model in order to create a 3D printed version of it. Take a look at the train in the photo above. The designers Kaustav Chatterjee and Jerry Bunyan created a 3D printed miniature of an actual train in India.

After the train coaches were created, it was then combined with other 3D printed train parts and the locomotives of the train engines, to complete the entire 3D printed project. With the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K, and Aqua-Gray 4K resin, this concept easily came to life! The Sonic Mighty 4K let’s you print out even the tiny details on this train model, making it much more precise than ever before.

Doesn’t it look just incredible?


3D Printed Train Carriage

Photo Courtesy of Trains and Dioramas

After creating a 3D printed train, it’s time to build the carriage!

The train carriage is responsible for carrying the passengers to their destination. The realistic texture of the carriage makes it a perfect replica of the original train carriage. With digital drawings, the artists were able to create realistic 3D models that match the original trains exactly. The models were precisely created using the magical combination of Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K with the Aqua-Gray 4K Resin.


Assembling the Entire 3D Printed Train

Photo Courtesy of Trains and Dioramas

The above picture shows the complete 3D printed models of the train. Doesn’t it look lifelike? We now bring all the different 3D printed train parts together to form an entire railroad card. The texturized details alone make it worth looking at. These beautiful models were created with the help of the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K and Aqua-Gray 4K resin.

Creating 3D printed models is the way to go for both businesses and individuals as 3D printing can make the production process much more easy and efficient as you can operate using 3D printers anywhere you like.

You can create prototypes which can then easily be printed out with the help of resin 3D printing.


Coloring the 3D Printed Train Models

Photo Courtesy of Trains and Dioramas

After printing out the 3D train models, you can paint over the models with any color you like. Feel free to use your imagination or paint the train realistically.

 The video above showcase how beautiful the train look after being painted over the gray color from Phrozen’s Aqua-Gray 4K resin

Photo Courtesy of Trains and Dioramas

You can easily use 3D printing to create locomotives and other 3D printed train parts with the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K and Aqua-Gray 4K Resin. These can then be painted over so that it looks as realistic as possible.

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Photo Courtesy of Trains and Dioramas

Resin 3D printing is the future you have all been waiting for. With your chosen 3D printed files, you can easily create a replica of your favorite models. Create all your 3D prints with texture and 4K resolution.

Just look at the trains in the above photos, you too can create such detailed scale models with the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K.

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