3D Printed 1 Meter Tall Gundam Model With God Finger

3D Printed 1 Meter Tall Gundam Model With God Finger

Although 3D printers are commonly used to create miniatures and desktop models, there are no limits to your creativity! Just like God Finger did, a 1-meter-tall UG Gundam made from scratch with resin 3D printing!

Have you been following God Finger's process to create a one-meter-tall Ultra Grade Gundam Perfectibility Divine from scratch with resin 3D printing?

His production has been accelerated since he received the Sonic Mega 8K—a printer so big, you can easily print way more parts all at once. With all of his devices and tools ready, he's now on a journey to assemble everything and complete his larger-than-life 3D printed Gundam model.

An All Exclusive Phrozen Print Farm

As a loyal Phrozen user, God Finger has collected a variety of Phrozen printers for his printing farm. Throughout the years, his collections have grown, and he's been firing up all of his printers to print non-stop for the past five months just to complete this project.

Making print farm in 2023 with Phrozen 3D Printer

Below are the Phrozen 3D printers and accessories he used for his UG Gundam project:

The printing process itself was not always smooth sailing. Sometimes, the print fails, or it doesn't end up fitting right after print, meaning a lot of tweaks and adjustments are made even during the printing process.

3D printed parts for gundam model

In addition, with all the different resins he used for different parts, he also needed to keep track of which parts should go on which printer with what resin.

Assembly Tips and Tricks

Since the 3D printed UG Gundam model he worked with is so big, he needed to put extra care and attention to his assembly process. The heavier the model is, the stronger support it would require between its joints.

Attaching the 3d printed parts with brass rod

Most of his models are assembled with magnets. Upon designing the models, he added special holes on the models for him to stick magnets and support sticks on after printing, so he could easily click them all together later.

Connecting the 3d printed parts with magnet

To enhance the strength of the model, he added several enforcements by using various different sizes of strong magnets, brass sticks, and even metal bars. As a cherry on top, he even did a weight test and successfully hung an eight-kilogram dumbbell from the model without it breaking or cracking at all. Such a meticulous work by God Finger.

The whole assembly process is incredibly satisfying, from each click of the magnets to seeing the model standing tall at 1 meter height, this project is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

3d printed UG gundam model assembly

Follow along on God Finger's journey to see more of his marvelous creations, including fully-painted Unicorn models and more!

Watch his video below to see the whole process!

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