2022 Community Highlight Rewind—Sonic Mighty Series

2022 Community Highlight Rewind—Sonic Mighty Series

Earlier last year, we launched the newest addition to our Phrozen printers collection—Sonic Mighty 8K. Therefore, 2022 is the year of the Mighty! Let's take a few moments to look back and see some of the most incredible creations from last year!

Earlier last year, we launched the newest addition to our Phrozen printers collection—Sonic Mighty 8K. Therefore, 2022 is the year of the Mighty!

As we move on and prepare ourselves for more extravagant prints and creations in 2023, let's take a few moments to look back and see some of the most incredible creations from our community, all printed with the Sonic Mighty series!

The Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man printed by Sonic Mighty 4K

If you are a fan of Japanese manga, then you'll definitely hear about this one!
After first released in October 2020, it immediately got populated among the reader as it offers a balanced composition of straight-off gory and gruesome scenes, an action-packed plot, and the mangaka's dark humor. The first anime episode was aired two years later on October 2022, and it soon gained incredible traction as major streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime added the anime to their services. Unfortunately, you can only stream on Prime if you reside in Japan, while Netflix planned to offer it in some other Asian regions.

This amazing model of Denji—the Chainsaw Man, was printed by Orange from Toy High! Printed with Aqua-Gray 8K on Sonic Mighty 4K, you can clearly see all the details of the model. Each element is so significantly present, from the teeth on his chainsaw to the subtle wrinkles on his clothes. In addition, Orange's painting skill really brings this character to life, looking like it's coming out directly from the original manga cover.

Printed by: 至高的收藏 ! Toy High!
Printer: Sonic Mighty 4K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: SY_MOB


Anya Forger

Anya from SPY×FAMILY printed by Sonic Mighty 4K

Also printed by Orange from Toy High!, this model was so beautifully painted with all the pastel colors and her eye-catching marshmallow sofa, capturing the cheerful characteristic of Anya herself. The model was created by Daniel Villanueva with such attention to detail. We mean, just take a look at the seam of that sofa and how the Sonic Mighty 4K can printed it out with ease!

Anya is the main protagonist of the widely successful anime Spy x Family. Combining a slice-of-life genre with some mysterious detective vibes, Spy x Family successfully became a global phenomenon despite its early run. Also praised by some as 'The Best Anime of 2022' and 'Top Ten Greatest Anime of All Times,' Spy x Family is known for how it blends comedy, action, and drama so perfectly. If you have yet to watch this anime, maybe it's time for you to catch up as the second season has been announced to be released sometime this year. And if you've watched it, then you'll probably understand why we are all so captivated by Anya's character.

Printed by: 至高的收藏 ! Toy High!
Printer: Sonic Mighty 4K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: Daniel Villanueva


The Anubis

Anubis printed by Sonic Mighty 8K

Known as the god of the dead, Anubis was represented as a man with a jackal head. He was said to be the guide in the afterlife, weighing the hearts of the deceased against the feather of Maat to determine whether they were worthy enough to enter the afterlife. As one of the most popular Egyptian gods, you can find his image in many relics, especially in tombs and funerary artifacts.

Printed with Sonic Mighty 8K, you can clearly see all the details on this model. From the character of his face to his clothes and jewelry, each detail is so perfectly present. Additionally, Sean Davis did a wonderful job painting the model, making it look so alive like it's about to weigh your heart.

Printed by: Sean Davis
Printer: Sonic Mighty 8K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: Archvillain Games


Samus Aran

Samus Aran printed by Sonic Mighty 8K

First introduced in the 1986 Nintendo game—Metroid, Samus Aran is one of the most iconic characters in videogame history. As a Galactic Federation's ex-soldier, she later works on her own terms. She becomes a bounty hunter with a mission to eliminate the aliens and recover valuable artifacts. A lot of people initially thought Samus Aran was a male character until it was revealed at the end of the game that it was indeed a she all along!

Do you like this model by WayVS3DPrint? The model was designed with high precision and special attention to Samus' Power Suit, including even minor details. Billonbass printed out this fantastic model on Sonic Mighty 8K and added his personal touch to paint her to life. He used paintbrush acrylic markers to achieve the weathered finish.

Printed by: 黃晙標Billonbass
Printer: Sonic Mighty 8K
Model Credit: 


Oni Wall Mask

Oni Wall Mask printed by Sonic Mighty 4K

According to Japanese folklore, Oni is a malevolent demon that often causes destruction and terrorizes the villages. Typically depicted with a scary look, sharp horns, and fang-like tusks, it's often compared with the western troll or ogre. These days, Oni has been an important part of traditional and modern Japanese art and has been featured in numerous movies, anime, and video games.

This Oni Wall Mask was designed by Felipe Morillas from Pipe Cox for his Patreon's Welcome Pack. However, this one was printed and painted to perfection by Rabbit Hole. Look at the way he created that shadowy effects! In combination with the Sonic Mighty 4K precision, the model beautifully showcased Rabbit Hole's impeccable painting skill!

Printed by: Rabbit Hole 
Printer: Sonic Mighty 4K
Model Credit: Pipe Cox


What is your favorite print from last year's Community Highlights? Or did we miss them? Let us know in the comment below!

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