2022 Community Highlight Rewind—Sonic Mini Series

2022 Community Highlight Rewind—Sonic Mini Series

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most impressive creations printed on the Sonic Mini Series from 2022, including bust models, dioramas, tabletop models, and more!

Do you own a Sonic Mini 4K or a Sonic Mini 8K? If so, what is your most favorite piece you've printed with these 3D printers so far?

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most impressive creations printed on the Sonic Mini Series from 2022, including bust models, dioramas, and the community favorite's tabletop models.


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman printed by Sonic Mini 8K

Morgan Freeman is a well-known actor popular for his impressive acting skills and authentic voice. Thirty years after beginning his acting career, he finally received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Million Dollar Baby. Freeman is also widely known for his works as a narrator for documentaries like March of the Penguins and The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Apart from acting, Freeman is also an active advocate for civil rights and has served as the United Nations Messenger of Peace and many other charitable organizations.

Just as his voice will forever be immortalized in the hundred movies he's been in, each detail of his facial features is forever captured on this exquisite model. Printed with Sonic Mini 8K by Makai Gyula, you can clearly see all of the texture and even every single piece of hair on his face. It definitely is an impressive portrayal of Morgan Freeman!

Printed by: Makai Gyula
Printer: Sonic Mini 8K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: Sidnaique



Lycoris printed by Sonic Mini 4KLycoris is an original character from Lucky Clover—a comic created by Zen and his friend David Chang. After losing her parents at a young age, she developed a terrible panic disorder and can only be soothed by her little sister. Motivated by her own experience, she chose to be a medical vanguard to help others.

Can you believe that this was Zen's first venture in 3D printing? After two failed attempts, he finally printed out this model successfully and, more over, so beautifully! He also did a fantastic job painting the model with such a realistic skin color. Zen was originally a real-life sculptor before he decided to pack his case and immerse himself into the digital sculpting world. "I was distressed as I found it difficult to convert my digital works into real-life sculptures, that is until I used Sonic Mini 4K. I am surprised at how easy it is to print with the Sonic Mini 4K!"

Printed by: Yu Yuan Zen
Printer: Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 4K
Model Credit: Yu Yuan Zen


Warriors Warbands

Warhammer printed by Sonic Mini 8K

Nurse on the weekday and a 3D enthusiast every other day, Eric Festa from Col Festus is a professional 3D painter. Just take a look at how he painted all of these Warriors Warbands models! They look fantastic with all shadow and highlight play he's doing with his paints!

For the Warriors Warbands, Col Festus combined models and parts from three different designers, including CSGMotions, Fummelfinger, and Helforged Miniatures, to achieve these Warhammer 40,000 inspired models. All the models are printed with the Sonic Mini 8K and Aqua-Gray 8K combo to maximize the visibility of the details and for a smoother appearance.

Printed by: Col Festus
Printer: Sonic Mini 8K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: CSGMotions, Fummelfinger, and Helforged Miniatures


The Lord of the Rings

The lord of the ring printed by Sonic Mini 8K

If you're a fan of Tolkien's infamous trilogy, then you must have recognized this character. Sauron, the Lord of the Rings himself. Like a lot of villain origin stories, Sauron was initially a Maiar who was then corrupted and became the lieutenant of Morgoth—Tolkien's version of Lucifer. After Morgoth was defeated, Sauron reigned and proclaimed himself as the Dark Lord, later creating the Ring to control all the other Power Rings, therefore giving him the name of Lord of the Rings.

Gambody's sculpting skill is no joke with a cape that looks like it's stopping mid-air, while Scott Whittaker did an excellent job printing out and painting this model. Printed with the Sonic Mini 8K and Aqua-Gray 8K, the texture details on his armor are so vivid. It's definitely one of Scott's impressive masterpieces!

Printed by: Scott Whittaker
Printer: Sonic Mini 8K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: Gambody


Star Wars Diorama

 Star Wars Printed by Sonic Mini 8K

Since its first launch in 1977, Star Wars has since become a global pop culture phenomenon with a massive following. It has been adapted into various media, including multiple films, television shows, books, comics, and video games. Action figures are also some of the most popular collectibles of the franchise, with some of the most original ones costing hundreds and thousands of dollars. With that amount of money on the table, perhaps 3D printing them out yourselves might be a better way to go. It might not be the rarest collection, but it's definitely one in a million if you print and paint them with your hands.

This Star Wars Diorama was printed, painted, and assembled by Francois Lozach from Chestnut Ink. He combined models from Skull Forge Studios and Gambody to create this cool diorama. Look at those details! With Sonic Mini 8K and Aqua-Gray 8K, even the chains are printed out so perfectly, with each of the rings looking sharp and crisp. It was beautifully painted too, complete with the weathering effects on the walls and the floor. Huge props to Francois for putting together this amazing model!

Printed by: Chestnut Ink
Printer: Sonic Mini 8K
Resin: Aqua-Gray 8K
Model Credit: Miniatures: Skull Forge Studios, Gambody
Dioramas: Chestnut Ink


Any plan on what are you going to print this year? Or which of these models are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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