wash and cure device for 3D printing

Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit – the Best Wash and Cure Tools?

Designed to provide a complete solution for cleaning and curing resin 3D prints, the Wash & Cure Kit ensures that your prints come out clean and properly cured for the best possible results.

The Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit consists of two separate devices - the Washing Station and the Curing Station. This kit is designed to provide a complete solution for cleaning and curing resin 3D prints, ensuring that your prints come out clean and properly cured for the best possible results. Post-processing resin 3D prints are essential to ensure the end product is solid and durable.

Honey Badger 3D Print and Paint reviewed the Wash & Cure Kit. He says it is "a must-have for anyone into resin 3D printing and looking for effective post-processing tools". Let's dive in and read everything about his first-hand experience using the Wash & Cure Kit.

wash and cure device for 3D printing


The Problem Every 3D Printing Enthusiast Faces:

He starts by stating a problem he has faced with his current washing and curing 3D print process since he began resin 3D printing. The process involves using a bucket with isopropyl alcohol that tends to leak and a cupboard with a UV-reactive LED strip that sometimes results in prints not being properly washed and cured. The evaporation of the isopropyl alcohol is also a massive problem, adding to the complications.

Well, not anymore because Phrozen has come up with the best wash and cure station. It’s one of the most essential post-processing tools, especially for post-processing resin 3D prints.

Disclaimer: Not once but twice in the video Honey Badger explicitly mentions that "We weren't paid to do this review. We were given these machines by Phrozen to show. The opinions expressed in this are our own."

What's in the Box?

The Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit includes the following parts:

  1. A big Washing Station.
  2. A complete UV and Fan based Curing Station.

The Washing Station:

The wash station features a convenient top-loading design. The build plate from your 3D printer can be easily docked in, and a magnetic base starts to spin an agitator when the device is turned on. The agitator creates a vortex that agitates the liquid, thoroughly cleaning the print. The duration of the wash can be adjusted using a dial. He states that washing should typically be around two minutes, depending on the level of detail and whether the print is hollow and needs extra resin removed. This customizable feature allows you to tailor the cleaning process to your needs, ensuring that your prints always come out pristine.

Extension rack for smaller 3D printer in wash and cure kit

One of the standout features of the washing station is its sealed lid. After washing, you can cover the entire resin 3D printing washing station with the lid, which prevents evaporation of the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) used for cleaning. This not only helps to contain the fumes but also ensures that the IPA remains where it needs to be, preventing wastage. He distinctly mentions that other makeshift cleaning methods often result in IPA evaporating, causing problems. With the Wash & Cure Kit's wash station, you can say goodbye to these issues and enjoy a more efficient and effective cleaning process. Since it is a large wash and cure station with a capacity for up to 8 liters of IPA, you can wash large resin 3D prints in it with ease.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Phrozen Wash & Cure Station is not only suitable for Phrozen 3D printing products but is also suitable for any resin 3D prints, hence why it’s the best wash and cure station ever.

Taking out fully washed 3d printed model from washing station


The Curing Station:

Moving on to the Curing Station; it offers three modes: 

  1. UV only
  2. Fan only
  3. Fan and cure both. 

Honey Badger transferred his resin 3D printed twisted Eiffel tower from the Washing Station directly to the Curing Station.

He describes how the curing station can be used and what its 3 modes are. The UV-only mode can be used just for curing. It turns on the UV lights and activates the turntable base in the Curing Station. This ensures that the item to be cured receives an equal amount of UV light from every angle.

There is a fan-only mode, which blows warm, dry air when activated. This helps evaporate any liquid left from the washing process.

Lastly, the third mode is a mix of Fan and UV modes. When this mode is activated, it will first run the fan and then the UV lights to ensure a 100% dry and cured resin 3D printed model.

Drying feature of the curing station

Honey Badger selects the Fan and Cure modes and sets the duration to 20 minutes each. The curing process involves the UV lights turning on and the rotating plate starting to spin. This ensures that the entire print is exposed to UV light for even curing, resulting in a properly cured print with no tackiness or uncured areas. The UV-only setting is ideal for prints requiring longer curing time, while the fan-only setting is useful for drying prints after washing.

He also highlights a unique feature of the cure station - a light detection sensor that requires the hood to be on during the curing process. This ensures that your prints are properly cured without any compromise on quality.


Honey Badger's Genuine Thoughts on Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit:

“As someone who had the chance to review the Wash & Cure Kit, I was genuinely thrilled with its performance. The ease of use of this station compared to my previous setup with a bucket of isopropyl alcohol and a makeshift curing station was impressive!”

enhance post-processing process with wash and cure kit

Here are some of the important highlights from Honey Badger’s experience with the Wash & Cure Kit:

  • The wash process was simple and efficient. It solved the issue of prints not being properly cured and washed, resulting in fuzzy prints that I had encountered in the past. 
  • The Washing Station is specifically designed for the Sonic Mighty 8K and Sonic Mini 8K  3D printers, but it can be used with any other resin 3D printer with a similar footprint. The dial for wash time and magnetic base for agitation was also incredibly convenient.
  • The sealed lid of the Wash & Cure Kit was another standout feature that prevented evaporation of the isopropyl alcohol, which had previously been a problem for him.
  • The curing process was straightforward, with an adjustable UV, fan, and cure time settings. The light detection sensor for safety during the curing process and the fan cycle for drying out remaining residue were also such thoughtful features. The UV curing process ensured even exposure for proper curing.

In conclusion, Honey Badger mentioned that he is highly satisfied with the results of the Phrozen wash and cure station. Its ease of use, effectiveness in improving print quality, and thoughtful features make it a top choice for him and have convinced him to recommend it to any fellow 3D printing enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient solution for post-processing resin 3D prints.

As a 3D printing enthusiast, you know that post-processing can be a time-consuming and messy task. However, with the Wash & Cure Kit, you can streamline and simplify your post-processing routine like never before. This all-in-one solution is designed specifically for resin 3D prints, providing you with a hassle-free way to clean and cure your prints for optimal results.


The  Wash & Cure Kit offers a comprehensive solution for post-processing resin 3D prints. With its Washing Station and Curing Station, it provides an efficient and effective way to clean and cure prints for optimal results. The customizable features, such as adjustable wash duration and different curing modes, allow users to tailor the process to their specific needs. The sealed lid on the washing station prevents the evaporation of isopropyl alcohol, reducing fumes and wastage. The light detection sensor on the curing station ensures proper curing without compromising quality. As Honey Badger 3D Print and Paint highlighted in their genuine review, the Wash & Cure Kit is a must-have for anyone involved in resin 3D printing and looking for practical post-processing tools to achieve clean, properly cured, and high-quality prints.

Want to see more? Watch Honey Badger's full review of the Wash & Cure Kit here!

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