Sonic Mighty 8K's built-in camera

Sonic Mighty 8K Resin 3D Printer: Review by FauxHammer

Are you waiting for that last trigger to get your own Sonic Mighty 8K? Let Ross from FauxHammer shows you what this high-resolution printer is all about!

FauxHammer is a well-known YouTube channel that focuses on all things miniature painting and wargaming, resin 3D printing, and in-depth reviews and tutorials for hobbyists.

Ross, the creator behind FauxHammer, has years of experience in this field and has gained a loyal following thanks to his honest and insightful reviews of various products including resin 3D printers..

In this video, Ross takes a look at the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K resin 3D printer, which is the fourth 10 inch screen 8K printer he has tested. But with so many that he tested before, how could the Sonic Mighty 8K be better than its competitor?

Sonic Mighty 8K LCD printer and toolbox

Throughout the video, Ross provides an honest review of the Sonic Mighty 8K, highlighting its strengths and what he loves about this premium 3D printer. As a hobbyist himself, Ross understands his audience's need for a reliable high-resolution 3D printer and how Phrozen successfully delivers.

Is It the Best Resin 3D Printer for the Money?

As in the usual unboxing experience, Ross was expecting the Sonic Mighty 8K resolution printer to arrive in pristine condition. Unfortunately, he found out that it seemed to have been dropped on one corner while being delivered and had been left in the rain or somewhere wet, as it was still damp when he received it. Ross jokes that it could be due to jealousy of some sort, or it's just how the courier operates these days.

Despite this mishap, Ross took that as an opportunity to open up the machine and play around with his new 3D printer. There’s when he found how well-built this printer is quoting, “They do what everyone else does, they just have that little extra *french kiss* of quality added to every single aspect of the journey.”

The inside of Sonic Mighty 8K 3D resin printer

Ross was impressed by how every part and accessory included in the toolbox is just top quality. Even the scraper comes with a laser-etched Phrozen logo, which doesn’t have any tangible benefits, but Ross argues that “It's just that extra level of quality that these guys are putting more effort into their product than any other brand.”

Leading Ahead Its Competitors

He highlights that apart from the top-quality products inside the toolbox, the Sonic Mighty 8K comes with features that have yet to be seen in other competitor brands.

There’s a 5 inches high-resolution touch panel with a super easy user interface, an astounding print volume of 21.8 x 12.3 x 23.5 cm, and a 10" 8K LCD screen printing at 28 µm. But most distinctly, there’s a built-in webcam that allows you to check on your printing state no matter where you are.

Sonic Mighty 8K's screen saver

In addition, the printer supports a Wi-Fi connection (hence the Wi-Fi dongle), so you skip the USB drive entirely and transfer your sliced files to your resin 3D printer, straight from your PC. You also have the option of a direct ethernet connection if that's available to you.

Ross loves how the USB port is facing the front, making it so accessible without the need for extension cables or anything else. This way, he can easily put other printers or devices next to the Sonic Mighty 8K without affecting its port.

On top of this, the Sonic Mighty 8K comes with 3.5 gigabytes of built-in memory, which means that the files you sent directly from your PC will be saved internally and ready to be printed again anytime you want it.

Throughout the video, Ross repeatedly emphasized why he believes Phrozen is miles ahead of its competition, from how easy it is to operate to how extra and detailed its out-of-the-box user interface is. He believes that while other brands are competing for the highest resolution or the largest printer, it’s simple stuff like these that significantly enhance your 3D printing experience. If you are a first-time user of a resin 3D printer, there aren’t any other printers that’ll give you a better start than the Sonic Mighty 8K.

What Phrozen Does Best?

Ross loves how the build plate was laser-etched, making it gorgeous to look at while also providing the extra grip for the resin prints. It attaches easily to the z-arm with a big bolt, but you can easily adjust the build plate with its four points screw connection, which is his preferred method compared to the ballpoint axis that you get with an Elegoo printer.

He stated that the Sonic Mighty 8K printer is a great example of what Phrozen does best, combining convenience features with an out-of-the-box experience. Upon playing around with the UI, he finds that pretty much everything can be tested, adjusted, and is also super intuitive to use. “No other printer on this range, or any of the big brands has this much packed into the features of the actual printer itself.”

high quality prints from Sonic Mighty 8K

But it’s not just the software, the printing quality also speaks for itself. Once you’ve found your exposure, printing is as easy as slicing and throwing it into a printer, giving you a perfect result every time. In addition, with a plate this size, you can easily print out an equivalent of a Games Workshop army box in just a single plate.

“I honestly can't explain how much of a pleasure it was to just use this printer and realize that you can do a lot more on these LCD screens and operating systems that are built in than just a few functional buttons.”

Check Your Print on the Go with Phrozen GO

Ross was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the Sonic Mighty 8K comes with a companion app—the Phrozen GO. With this app, you can monitor your print's progress and even get updates when the print is finished.

It will send out notifications every half an hour until you remove your finished prints from the resin 3D printer, a great feature for those who tend to forget about their prints from time to time.

Phrozen Go reminder for your finished prints

So, Is Sonic Mighty 8K Worth It?

When it comes to the printing quality and results, Ross confidently stated that this printer was one of the best he had ever used.

Miniatures printed on the Sonic Mighty 8K

The details on the printed models were incredibly sharp and precise, with no signs of warping or stringing. It’s an impressive feature thanks to the 8K resolution LCD screen, easily making it one of the best 3D resin printers to buy.

As Ross pointed out, having both this resolution and the convenience of this build plate size is exactly why this is his favorite resin 3D printer.

3D Printing Tips and Tricks from FauxHammer

Ross also shared some printing tips and tricks that he has learned over the years. One tip is to use a piece of old support to clean your vat. Instead of emptying the entire vat and risking getting resin everywhere.

Use old supports to lift your vat cleaning residue

Simply place a flat piece of old support against the film at the bottom of your vat, run the LCD test or a vat cleaning function to light up the whole screen. This will cure a layer of resin that you can easily remove and throw out. This allows you to clean your vat without the hassle of fully disconnecting and lifting it up. With that said, remember to fully cure the layer before you throw it away to protect the environment as the uncured resin is toxic.

Calibrate your z-axis directly on the vat

Another useful tip is to re-level your bed without having to remove the vat. It might make a little mess, but instead of emptying the vat, moving it out of the way, and cleaning off the bed - you can keep the vat in place and use the clear film between the screen and the build plate to perform the leveling task. According to Ross, why use the A4 paper if you can simply use the clear film itself? Gently push down the building plate before tightening the screws on its side to make sure the resin trapped under it doesn't lift up.


The Sonic Mighty 8K is an incredible resin 3D printer that offers great features, a convenient wifi connection, and a companion app for easy setup and management. And, with its 8K resolution and large build plate size, it’s definitely a premium 3D printer with features that’ll enhance your 3D printing experience.

So, if you're in the market for a high-resolution resin 3D printer - this is definitely the 3D printer resin best buy.

Want to try this out-of-the-box printer yourself? For US customers, you can get the Sonic Mighty 8K and Aqua-Gray 8K for just $599.99 today! Place an order now!

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can you do a review of the 12k screen upgrade for this printer?
Phrozen Technology replied:
Hello Adam,

Thank you for your comment! We have sent out test units to reviewers, and will release their review of the 12K Upgrade Kit for Sonic Mighty 8K in the near future. Please follow our social media accounts and stay tuned.

Best, Phrozen Team


can you do a review of the 12k screen upgrade for this printer?
Phrozen Technology replied:
Hello Adam,

Thank you for your comment! We have sent out test units to reviewers, and will release their review of the 12K Upgrade Kit for Sonic Mighty 8K in the near future. Please follow our social media accounts and stay tuned.

Best, Phrozen Team


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