Sonic Mini 8K vs Sonic Mini 8K S

A Complete Overview of Sonic Mini 8K S vs. Sonic Mini 8K

If you are still confused on whether you should get the Sonic Mini 8K or the Sonic Mini 8K S, this article is exactly what you need.

We bet you must have heard about the newest edition to our 8K series lineup, the Sonic Mini 8K S.

It's our newest mini printer, and many of you guys have been asking on what's the difference between this sleek bright fluorescent green 3D printer and its warmer orange counterpart.

Well, today we're going to tell you all about it!


An Exterior That Is Bright, Bold, and Sleek!

You'll notice this obvious difference once you see it.

As we mentioned before, the Sonic Mini 8K S comes in a bright fluorescent green color that will definitely make your workspace pop. It can be small and compact, but it definitely packs a punch! We want the Sonic Mini 8K S to brighten up your room as much as it brightens up your face whenever you see your successfully finished prints.

It's a huge change compared to the previous Sonic Mini 8K, but they would definitely complement each other when placed side by side. After all, orange and green are opposites on the color wheel.

Other than the striking color differences, the Sonic Mini 8K S is also equipped with a side USB port instead of the front one, like the Sonic Mini 8K. As a front port is clearly a love-hate relationship for some users, we would like to offer an option for both of your preferences. Whether you are a front port-er who enjoys the convenience of direct plug-and-go access, or a side port-er who rather play safe and avoid resin spill on your USB drive, you'll have a Sonic Mini 8K (with or without S) that would suit your need.

 Sonic Mini 8K compared with Sonic Mini 8K S


One Less Linear Rail

A lot of users are concerned about the single linear rail design in the Sonic Mini 8K, and we can't blame them for it. The dual linear rails have always been put on a pedestal as it offers a more stable movement with balanced supports on both sides of the printer. But does it make the Sonic Mini 8K S single linear rail any less good?

Well, we can assure you it doesn't.

The Sonic Mini 8K S was indeed designed and developed to be the more affordable version of the prior Sonic Mini 8K, but built quality and printing performance are two things that we would not sacrifice for the sake of a cheaper price.

While this new 8K printer only came with a single linear rail, both the rail and z-rod are in fact thicker compared to the ones in Sonic Mini 8K, and therefore still provide the necessary supports for the printer to perform stable and well.

One of the considerations for making the switch is the small printing size and the lighter weight of the Sonic Mini 8K S. With a rather small building plate focused on printing the highest details in 8K resolution, the Sonic Mini 8K S is not intended to print large models; hence the dual linear rail in a printer this size does not become as crucial as it was in a printer as big as the Sonic Mighty 8K or Sonic Mega 8K.

With that said, although we can assure you that the single rail wouldn't perform any less than the dual linear rail in Sonic Mini 8K, definitely go with the later options if you need that extra stability and reassurance.


The Sonic Mini 8K S Supports Open Format (.PRZ)

If you're familiar with any of our previous printers, you must have known that Phrozen printers used to be only compatible with .CTB files. Although it has worked great for years, we understand that some users are not the biggest fans of this format and would love to have something that is more versatile.

So for this new printer, we developed our own. The .PRZ is an open format that is highly compatible with pretty much any of your favorite slicer software without any limitations. Whether your favorite slicer software is Chitubox, Lychee, or even VoxelDance Tango, you can easily slice your 3D models into a .PRZ file. It's more transparent, efficient, and highly versatile. And of course, we are proud to present you guys with our own, Phrozen exclusive file format.


That Unbeatable Affordability

And last but not least, of course, it's the shocking price.

The Sonic Mini 8K S is currently the cheapest 8K resolution LCD 3D printer on the market, offering the same 22 µm details as the highest consumer 3D printer resolution without sacrificing any of the quality.

While the Sonic Mini 8K was first launched at $599.99, the Sonic Mini 8K S is going to launch at almost half the price for just $349.99. If you are interested in getting a new 3D printer with an 8K resolution, this is going to be your best chance to get the new Sonic Mini 8K S at such a low price point!

The pre-order for Sonic Mini 8K S will be available until June 7th, 2023. So make sure you don't mi ss this chance!


So, Should You Get the 'S'?

If this is going to be your first 3D printer, then we totally recommend going with the Sonic Mini 8K S. It's compact, lightweight, and super affordable at an 8K level, making it one of the best entry-level 3D printers for resin printing.

But, if you worry about the stability of the building plate and that you'll benefit from the dual linear rails, definitely go with the original Sonic Mini 8K.

While the Sonic Mini 8K S is catered for both beginners and professionals alike, the Sonic Mini 8K will be your best choice if you are going to need all the details you can possibly get at a professional level.

Still unsure? Then join our Sonic Mini Series community now and gain more insider insights from the users and community who are already using the machines and see how they better suit your needs!

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