Empowered by BASF Forward AM, Phrozen has developed our first composite resin that is precise and durable for industrial prototypes and fine crafts models with authentic ceramic haptic feels.

Ceramic-Like Finish

Over 50% of ceramic content for high accuracy and density with smooth surface parts without extra post-thermal treatment.*

For Medical Modeling

Realistic models for educational, training, and diagnostic purposes.

Skeleton models

High dimensional accuracy to mimic
bone model and texture.

Mechanical Properties

Viscosity 120 cP
Density 1.45 g/cm3
Surface Hardness >90 Shore D
Tensile Modulus 5800 MPa
Tensile Stress at Break 62 MPa
Elongation at Break 2 %
Flexural Modulus 5400 MPa

For other specs, please refer to user guide .

*Improved heat-resistant performance after post thermal treatment at 80°C for 24 hours.