Sonic Mega 8K: How to Import 3D Files

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on January 26 2022

Before we start printing on the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K, we must first import the sliced 3D file onto the resin 3D printer. There are two ways to import 3D files: via USB, and via Ethernet. 

Read on to find out more: 

Importing Files Via USB


1) After slicing your 3D prints in a slicer software, save it as a .ctb file. Then store the file on the USB provided in the Sonic Mega 8K toolbox. If you are using the Phrozen Test file, please DO NOT slice the file as it has already been saved as a .ctb file. 


2) Plug in the USB onto the 3D printer.


3) On the printer’s touch panel, click on 3D Print. Then select your 3D file and click on Go to initiate the printing process. 


*Note: Sonic Mega 8K is only able to read sliced files from CHITUBOX Version 1.9.0 and above, or CHITUBOX Pro.

Importing Files Via Ethernet

If you’re using an Ethernet cable, you’ll be able to transmit your 3D file(s) via the network cable directly to the Sonic Mega 8K resin 3D printer. 

Follow the instructions down below to successfully transmit 3D files from your computer onto the Sonic Mega 8K.


*Note: Before transmitting the 3D file, please make sure to plug in the USB provided in the toolbox onto the 3D printer so that the file can also be stored directly onto the USB.  

 Sonic Mega 8K Import Files

1) Note down the IP address of the 3D printer. This is where your 3D file will be sent. 


2) Please use CHITUBOX V1.9.0 or above, to slice your 3D file. After slicing it, please save it as a .ctb file before sending it over to the 3D printer. If you are using the Phrozen Test file, please DO NOT slice the file as it has already been saved as a .ctb file.


3) Then click on Network Sending to send over your file directly to the Sonic Mega 8K.


4) After clicking on Network Sending, the file will be transmitted to the 3D printer. The default file type will be .cbddlp, which is incorrect. You have to change it manually by selecting .ctb. See pic below.

 network sending

5) Please wait for the file to be read. Then confirm your 3D printer IP address before sending over your 3D file.


6) Click OK on CHITUBOX to begin printing. 


*Note: If you click on Cancel, the file will still be directly stored onto the USB drive plugged onto your printer. This is so that you can print your files any time later via the USB. 


Click here for a tutorial on printing out Phrozen's test file with Sonic Mega 8K.



  • Could you explain how to export to CTB? I cant find the way to do it in Chitubox or Formware
    Phrozen Technology replied:
    Hi Azahel, After you slice the model in Chitubox, the file will then be automatically saved as a CTB. You can refer to this page for more tutorials: Cheers, Phrozen Team


    Posted by Azahel | January 17, 2023
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