Sonic Mini 8K Honest Reviews

Sonic Mini 8K Honest Reviews

One of the most incredible 3D printers to hit the market this year is the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K! Let’s take a look at the reviews for Sonic Mini 8K:

One of the most incredible 3D printers to hit the market this year is the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K! Most of the resin printers out there in the market are 4K and around 40 µm pixel size while the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K as the name implies, is 8K with a pixel size of only 22 µm. This makes it one of the most accurate 3D printers out there for resin printing; especially for those who are looking for extremely precise 3D printed models, miniatures, or jewelry pieces.  

Let’s take a look at the reviews for Sonic Mini 8K:

Sonic Mini 8K Review By Geek Gaming Scenics

The build quality of the Sonic Mini 8K immediately catches the eye of Luke from Geek Gaming Scenics. As the Sonic Mini 8K is solid, compact, and built with aluminum dual linear rails, he explained that it is a “very well-built machine.” The Sonic Mini 8K also comes with a decent sized Z-axis rod.

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K 3D Printer and Aqua-Gray 8K Resin

With 8K resolution, Luke from Geek Gaming Scenics said that the Sonic Mini 8K definitely doubles up the resolution in a merely small area. He notes that this is quite interesting as none of the printers on the market have been able to do this so far.

He added that the little things of the Sonic Mini 8K’s build quality, such as the bolts on the bed and the metal resin vat definitely make this resin printer a far superior 3D printer. Moreover, the Sonic Mini 8K is a very quiet resin 3D printer and is barely audible even if you’re sitting close to it while resin printing.

Geek Gaming Scenics used Phrozen’s new Aqua-Gray 8K resin along with the Sonic Mini 8K to test out a pre-supported model for resin printing. He explained that the results are incredible and easily distinguishable when comparing 8K prints with 4K prints from a fairly good resin 3D printer.

He further explained that the texture of the 3D printed model is “far superior” and the overall details are “much more precise and accurate,” all of which makes a massive difference when printing with resin.


Sonic Mini 8K Review By 52 Miniatures

Even though 52 Miniatures had no prior knowledge of resin printing before using the Sonic Mini 8K, in his opinion, it was quite easy to operate the 3D printer.

As his hobby is based on creating fantasy wargame miniatures with all sorts of details, with resin printing, he can easily design and print out his own sculptures instead of looking for them at stores. With Sonic Mini 8K’s 22 µm, he gets to build an entire army of miniatures with “very crisp details.”

He explained that even the tiniest of sculptures have been printed out with a good amount of details, adding that he produced 3D models such as a small helmet, crabs, and birds, all of which came out “smooth and crisp.”


Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K Review By VOG

VOG stated that although this printer has “Mini” in its name, it isn’t that Mini after all. The Sonic Mini 8K is compact and has an aluminum build, making it much more durable. This also makes it a more consumer friendly, high-quality 3D printer.

Sonic Mini 8K VS Sonic Mini 4K

VOG further explained that the building plates are “quite large” and “robust,” adding that the resin vat is made out of metal and comes with simple turners that fit right into place.

Sonic Mini 8K Resin Vat

The vat also comes with a clear indicator so that customers can avoid overfilling the vat with resin.

To test out the printer, VOG printed out a test file by AmeraLabs, which was printed out looking “stunning..smooth, and with good texture.”

Fawn Girl by

He explained that the prints created with the Sonic Mini 8K are “impressive,” explaining that even the tiniest of details are visible with smoothness maintained overall. He said that he was “shocked” by the precise and accurate details created with this 3D printed model created by

Though he explained that he found it difficult to remove the 3D prints from the building plate due to its sticky design. 


Sonic Mini 8K Review by 3DPrintingPro

Right off the bat, 3DPrinting Pro stated that the Sonic Mini 8K is a solid looking printer with a top cover that really fits on the top pretty easily like a lid and the rod that support the dual linear rails is quite robust and certainly doesn’t show any type of bend or movement as its pretty solid.

He praised the design of the Sonic Mini 8K’s building plate, stating that the texture will improve the adhesion of the 3D models while the shape of the building plate won’t allow for resin to overflow easily.

3DPrintingPro was impressed with Sonic Mini 8K’s solid build quality, explaining that whatever I printed on this machine turned out to be the best print I had ever done.”

He was also pretty impressed with Aqua-Gray 8K resin that was shipped out with the Sonic Mini 8K. He explained that it did a better job printing out better detailed 3D printed models than other resin he had used in the past.

Overall, 3D prints created with the Sonic Mini 8K turned out to be “sharper and more clear” in comparison to other 3D printers. If you zoom in, you’ll see the difference in detail between 4K and 8K 3D prints.


The Sonic Mini 8K features dual linear rails, a robust aluminum compact design, and a textured building plate to improve the adhesion of the 3D printed designs. It also provides sharp details with 8K resolution, which also makes it great for applications such as jewelry 3D printing, or miniature printing. Why not try it out yourself?

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