Hobbyist with Sonic Mini 8K S

How Sonic Mini 8K S Changes the 3D Printing Game for Hobbyists

Are you a hobbyist considering to pull the trigger on Sonic Mini 8K S? Read this article to see what other hobbyists think about this small printer.

If you've never heard about the Sonic Mini 8K S, you must have missed out!

Soon gaining immense popularity once it was launched, our community's group experts and 3D printing enthusiasts have since been raving about this printer.

The quality, the details it created, and of course, the low price has quickly made it the community's favorite.

This time, we have our community members share with us their 3D printing story and experience with this remarkable printer.

Francois Lozach: High Resolution Objects and Miniatures Are Now Affordable

Francois with his Sonic Mini 8K S

As a creator of Chestnut Ink, Francois Lozach is a diorama maker and painter from France. He first started almost fifteen years ago, creating diorama displays from scratch, making objects with plastic cards and other stuff he found lying around.

But, as resourceful and sustainable as it is, he soon realized that it significantly limits his creativity. His creation can only go so far as the tools and materials around him allow.

Five years ago, he decided to dip his feet into 3D printing. And at the time, it was unbelievably expensive to get the level of resolution and details he wanted in his diorama. As a side hobby, it’s hard to justify spending such a large amount, especially as a beginner.

3D printed and painted dioramas by Chestnut Ink
Courtesy of Chestnut Ink

Francois mentioned how the Sonic Mini 8K S has changed the game significantly, especially for hobbyists like him. It offers incredible resolution for such an entry-level printer, and in fact, still is the highest resolution 8K printer. Not to mention, the price point is so affordable for side hobby kind of stuff.

He was amazed at how easy it was to set up the Sonic Mini 8K S, and after printing for months, he still had yet to have a single failure. The precision is so high you can print tiny models with details beyond expectations! Francois also highlighted that it's easily the best 3D printer for hobbyist modelers and diorama makers with its efficiency, precision, and price.

Now, he no longer has to limit himself and his creativity because any high-resolution objects and miniatures are now affordable, even for hobbyists.

Tree diorama by Chestnut Ink
Courtesy of Chestnut Ink

Jacob Richards: Compact and Powerful

If you are wondering if it's worth it to have 3D printing as a side hobby, then Jacob's story might just be the inspiration you need to make your deep dive into the 3D printing world.

3D printing enthusiast with his Sonic Mini 8K S

At a young age, Jacob was first captured into the world of modeling sets and miniatures after seeing a Star Wars movie. Since then, he's been a modeling guy—picking up Warhammer in 2005 and started scale models five years later in 2010. In 2021, he immersed himself in the world of 3D printing when his father got a 3D printer.

Along with his modeling hobby, Jacob also grows a passion for photography. Starting just as a way to capture his models more professionally, he now travels the world to catch marvelous photos of the northern lights.

Since then, he has also become a writer and reviewer for Michigan Toy Soldier company, where he held scale model workshops and introduced the owners to 3D printing on demand.

Tank model printed and painted by Jacob RichardsCourtesy of Jacob Richards // Model by Night Sky Miniatures

With his love of scale models and photography, the Sonic Mini 8K S is easily a no-brainer for him. Just like in photography, the impressive 22 microns resolution in the Sonic Mini 8K S is something that he geeks about. He loves how easy it was to operate and how such resolution was offered at an incredibly affordable price point.

According to Jacob, the Sonic Mini 8K S easily wins the game with its printing speed, sturdy construction, and well-designed structure that allows it to print so stably, even with only one linear rail. The setting up and operation are super straightforward, and in terms of print quality, it definitely excels.

Horse guy miniature printed on Sonic Mini 8K S

Courtesy of Jacob Richards // Model by Just Some Miniatures

If you are a hobbyist looking to invest in a 3D printer, Jacob highly recommends the Sonic Mini 8K S. He highlights how it was a wonderful printer for a hobbyist and how he really wishes that it was the printer he had when he was just starting out years ago.

Ondrej Novotný: Game-Changing Tool for Painting Collectible Statues

Models painted by OndrejCourtesy of Ondrej Novotný

As an artist who takes great pride in creating and painting intricate models, the Sonic Mini 8K S has been an invaluable asset for Ondrej's works.

With the astounding resolutions of this affordable 3D printer, he can easily produce each and every detail on the models, creating a solid base for his painting works and transforming the way he experiences model painting.

The printer also offers him a perfect size between the compactness of a machine and the versatility to explore different sizes and formats, to complement his collectibles presentations.

Printed on Sonic Mini 8K S

Ondrej also highlights how the Sonic Mini 8K S is so easy to use. It offers a user-friendly interface that further simplifies the 3D printing process, making settings adjustments as effortless as achieving professional results. 

In just months, the Sonic Mini 8K S has quickly become an indispensable tool for his journey as a painter of collectible statues. It swiftly steals his heart and has significantly enhanced the quality of his work. In Ondrej's words, "I wholeheartedly recommend the Mini 8K S to fellow artists and collectors who are passionate about showcasing their work in the most detailed and vibrant way possible."

If you are considering the Sonic Mini 8K S, you might want to read more about how it revived a dwindling passion, and what others think about the Sonic Mini 8K S.

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