The Ultimate Sonic Mini 8K S Review: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

The Ultimate Sonic Mini 8K S Review: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

Want to know what's the pros and cons of the new Sonic Mini 8K S? Here is what those who've tried it have to say about this revolutionary, cheapest 8K resin printer on the market, the Sonic Mini 8K S.

If you're in the market for a new 3D printer, you've probably heard about the Sonic Mini 8K S. This machine has been making waves in the 3D printing community thanks to its impressive specs and affordable price point. But is it really worth the hype? In this review, we've collected some in-depth and thorough reviews from the users of our Sonic Mini 8K S, exploring its pros, cons, and everything in between. Whether you're a seasoned 3D printing pro or a newbie looking to dip your toes into the world of 3D printing, this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the Sonic Mini 8K S is the right 3D printer for you. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the ultimate Sonic Mini 8K S review!

Sonic Mini 8K S Key Features and Specifications

Before we dive into the reviews, let's take a closer look at the Sonic Mini 8K S's key features and specifications. The Sonic Mini 8K S is a resin-based 3D printer that boasts an 8K monochrome screen with a resolution of 7500x3240 pixels. It has a build volume of 16.5 x 7.2 x 17 cm and a layer height of 0.01 mm to 0.30 mm. The Sonic Mini 8K S also has a printing speed of up to 80 mm/hour and supports a variety of materials, including the beloved Aqua 8K Resins, Phrozen Castable Resins, and others.

Sonic Mini 8K S specification

Overall, the Sonic Mini 8K S's specifications are impressive for its price point. Its 8K monochrome screen allows for faster printing speeds and extreme accuracy, while its build volume is suitable for printing a wide range of objects.

VogMan: Everything Is as Good as Its Older Brother

As a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast, VogMan was excited to get his hands on the Sonic Mini 8K S. He had previously used the Sonic Mini 8K and was eager to see how the 8K S version compared. As expected, the details are astonishing with or even without anti-aliasing. Both the AmeraLabs Town test print and the open-source ring look stunning, and he admits that it's hard not to marvel at the level of detail it can achieve.

Though, he mentioned that he was a tad disappointed that he expected Phrozen, as the market leader, to lead with a new 12K printer. Instead, Phrozen came out with a more affordable version of the glorious Sonic Mini 8K so more beginners and those who are interested in 3D printing can dip their feet.

A year of a half ago, the Sonic Mini 8K was way ahead of the competition, and now, it's still the most similar things available that narrow in on DLP performance. Even with one less linear rail in the Sonic Mini 8K S, there aren't any performance changes. It's everything as good as its older brother. At $350, the Mini 8K S will give you better print quality.

So will VogMan recommend the Sonic Mini 8K S?

He claimed that if you are just testing the water and wondering if this is the right hobby for you, he suggests that a cheaper printer in 4K or even 2K is enough. But if you are someone like him who loves fine details and want to see improved performance, then he wouldn't hesitate to say that you should go buy it. "It's an excellent printer, and it's worth the difference in the money."

FauxHammer: The Nostalgic Black and Green Cover

FauxHammer, a miniature painter and 3D printing enthusiast, was drawn to the Sonic Mini 8K S's sleek black and green cover. "The lid resembles the 1990's LEGO Space Blacktron series, and you can't tell me otherwise. Absolutely gorgeous!"

But apart from loving the color scheme, does he think it's a good printer?

He claimed that the Sonic Mini 8K S is almost everything the Sonic Mini 8K is, and arguably for him, even better with that pretty lid. He found the UI to be very neatly laid out and intuitive, far ahead of its competitors. And although building plate leveling is not automatic, the touch panel conveniently leads you through each step of how to do it.

According to him, the Sonic Mini 8K S is definitely an achievement, because just a little over a year ago, you'll be paying almost a grand for this kind of printer. But now, it's as affordable as $350 and comes with a free bottle of resin and free shipping for some regions. "While Phrozen already has the best quality printer on the market in terms of pixel size, they decided to one-up themselves by re-releasing that printer again, but now at an entry-level price."

"Phrozen is already the king of the hill when it's come to pixel size on a consumer-grade 3D printer, and the only company or people who came along to beat them was Phrozen. With the same resolution, cheaper."

Luther Caudle: My Smallest Print Yet

If you've been following Phrozen, then you'll know who Luther Caudle is. As a hobbyist turned 3D printing business owner, he knew exactly what he was looking for in a 3D printer. To test out the capability and quality of this machine, he decided to print out a 5 mm miniature, printed at an astonishing 10 microns layer height. He knew a miniature that size literally had no practical use, but he was amazed that the Sonic Mini 8K S is capable of producing such a tiny and intricate model. He even needed to use tweezers to remove the supports from that model because it was just so small.

He acknowledged that he was hesitating to try the Sonic Mini 8K S as the change from dual linear rails to single linear rail feels like a big no-no. But after trying out the printer, he admits that with the quality and level of detail, it could produce, it's definitely a great choice for its price and value. "If you are only printing small miniatures and you don't need to consider a bigger build plate, then hands down, the Sonic Mini 8K S is the real winner with 22 microns, which offers incredible layers." 

Battle Brother Sam: It Passed With Flying Colors

Battle Brother Sam, a 3D printing and Warhammer 40k enthusiast used the Sonic Mini 8K S to create a bunch of Warhammer 40k army. According to Sam, the Sonic Mini 8K S really does give great results, and with the level of detail it's capable of, it easily passes with flying colors.

It baffled him that Phrozen, as a premium brand, is willingly releasing a budget-friendly, entry-level 3D printer option. Apart from the single linear rail and the different lid color, he thinks that it has pretty much almost the same quality as the Sonic Mini 8K, just at a fraction of the price.

He likes how the laser-etched building plate really helped to keep the rafts of his model sticks firmly to the building plate. In fact, he can now lower his bottom exposure to just 20 seconds because it just sticks so well. He also praised how Phrozen has decided to come up with its own file format, the .PRZ as it allows everyone to have freedom of choice instead of being bound to the Chitubox ecosystem.

In addition to that, the price of just $349.99 is what matter the most to him. He thinks it's an incredible price point that'll be hard for other budget-range printers to compete with, especially with that print quality. "It's the first 8K printer to come at such an affordable price point, which would be totally unheard of a year or two ago."

Gray Scalp Miniatures: So Silent That You'll Forget It's There

As a miniature painter, it's important for Gray Scalp Miniatures to find the right 3D printer that could capture the level of detail that would help his painting work. After trying out the Sonic Mini 8K S to print out some models and miniatures, he agrees that it's definitely a 3D printer to keep an eye on. With amazing quality, a decent build plate size, and a really easy-to-use interface, this printer is just a no brainer.

"If I'm currently in the market to buy a new 3D printer or getting another 3D printer for miniatures and everything else, this gonna be it." He mentioned that at the surface level, it might seem comparable to other budget printers on the market, but the extra resolution really gives out extremely crisp details and slightly more detailed prints. Although he was not super fond of the fluorescent green lid (he prefers the orange one of the Sonic Mini 8K), he thinks that it might be a needed feature because with such an amazing printer that's super easy to use, very solid, and vomit out fantastic prints each time, the Sonic Mini 8K S is extremely silent during printing. With almost no sound produced, the green cover just comes in handy to remind you that it's there.

HoneyBadger 3D Print: It’s the Best Entry-Level Printer to Get You Hooked

If you’ve heard about HoneyBadger 3D Print and Paint, you’ll probably know that they are such a Phrozen fanboy. With a collection of Phrozen printers from every available size, you’ll know that their words are to keep when discussing these printers.

Mike thinks the entry-level price is such a steal. With all the usual class and technology on your typical Phrozen printers, it’s almost the same as the Sonic Mini 8K, but only at a fraction of the price. It might not have a double linear rail, and the USB port is at the side instead of the front, but with what it’s got to offer—especially as an 8K printer, those two are not an issue.

It’s important to mention that you are probably not going to be printing out large statues from this printer. With its compact size, it’s a great size to print miniatures and some busts. But it’s all you’ll need when you first get into the hobby.

“This has got all Phrozen’s best bits in a price that means an entry level without breaking the bank. This is like a gateway drug. Once you’re hooked, you’re then gonna think I want to go bigger and that’s when you’ll reach into the Mighty or Mega.”

Groundeffected: World’s First 3D Printer That Offers the Highest Resolution at an Affordable Price

Your Dad also has something to say about the Sonic Mini 8K S. He thinks it’s such a revolutionary move as the world’s first 3D printer that offers the highest resolution at an affordable price. “It’s Phrozen’s entry-level printer on a budget. The same quality and the same level of printing now in a very bite-sized, pocket-fitting amount of money.”

He argues that some might question why you’ll want to get the Sonic Mini 8K S compared to its predecessor. But the answer is clear as day. The price. With one less linear rail and a 1 cm less z-axis, it’s surprisingly 3 kg lighter than the Sonic Mini 8K and comes at just a fraction of the price.

It would be great for someone living in a very small space but still want to print, or someone who doesn’t want to throw a lot of money when they just started 3D printing. It prints breezily straight out of the box, and the size is more than adequate to print miniatures. You might need to separate larger models into several prints, but you’ll typically get your models in parts anyway. So, according to Groundeffected, it’s not a problem at all. In addition, the details are really highly detailed, even when he’s printing at a mere 0.05 mm. It means you can still push the limit when you want it to work harder into the 22-micron territory.

Is the Sonic Mini 8K S Worth It?

So, are you convinced yet? The Sonic Mini 8K S is definitely a powerful 3D printer that produces highly-detailed 8K prints at just a fraction of the cost of what was previously available on the market. It does come with a single linear rail and one cm less building volume, but for its price, choosing this printer against its competitor is just a no-brainer.

Overall, if you're a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a beginner wanting to try out 3D printing, Sonic Mini 8K S is definitely worth the investment. The 8K monochrome screen, decent build volume, and fast printing speeds make it a great choice for a wide variety of 3D printing projects.

If you're thinking of getting this new printer, rest assured that you are heading on the right direction! Get the Sonic Mini 8K S now and experience the power of creation!

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