VOG Sonic Mighty 8K Honest Review

VogMan Honest Review on the Sonic Mighty 8K

If you are still contemplating whether or not you should get the Sonic Mighty 8K, Geoff from VogMan may just be the last nudge you need to confirm your decision. Read more on VogMan honest review about the printer. What he likes and what not.

VOG—or VogMan, as he recently changed his channel name— is one of the few who first received the Sonic Mighty 8K. As one of the big names in the 3D printing community, his reviews of the newest 3D printers and accessories on the market are among the most awaited ones, as people rely on his judgments to drop their cash and submit their pre-orders.

Want to know what he thinks about this beautiful machine? Then, keep on reading.

  • The Sonic Mighty 8K is indeed built with mighty quality.
  • The best user interface VogMan ever found in an LCD 3D printer.
  • Should you add the new Sonic Mighty 8K to your daily 3D printing gear collections?

Built with the Mighty Quality

His box has arrived with a clear indication of what a long and fateful journey it has gone through. Still, it's nothing to worry about as the interior is so well packaged that it remains unharmed.

Sonic Mighty 8K box after a long shipment journey

The Sonic Mighty 8K comes with adjustable feet, so you can easily level the printer to perfection. The outer casing of the 3D printer is plastic, but everything else was made from robust metal. In fact, with almost the exact same size and printing dimension as a competitor printer, the Sonic Mighty 8K came out to be three kilograms heavier due to its solid build.

Adjustable feet on Sonic Mighty 8K LCD 3D Printer

The Funkiest Build Plate on a Resin 3D Printer

The building plate might have the ‘funkiest’ etched pattern he has ever seen among all the other 3D printers he's tried on, but Geoff is happy with how firm the arm is and how it slides smoothly on the widely spaced dual linear rails.

Four Small Feet on Your Resin Vat

The resin vat—or resin tray as he called it— is all metal. It's secured with two removable bolts and a clear max level to prevent you from flow overflowing the resin. In addition, it was also equipped with four small feet that would easily fit into the grooves of the printer.

The 8K Resolution That Doesn't Disappoint

And the highlight is, of course, the noteworthy 8K monochrome screen that produces an impressive XY resolution of 28 microns. It might not seem as much, especially considering the Sonic Mini 8K is still reigning on the 22 microns. Yet, it still shows exceptionally great prints that are enthralling to see.

Sonic Mighty 8K's screen with 28 microns resolution

Dual USB Ports for All Your Needs

The 3D printer also came with two USB ports, one in the front and one on the back—right next to the Ethernet port— designed specifically for the Wi-Fi dongle. These allow you to import files to your 3D printer directly from the computer with network connectivity. Not only it's a cool feature to have, but it could significantly boost your work efficiency because you don't need to keep going back and forth from your desk to your printing studio.

Like every Phrozen LCD 3D printer, the Sonic Mighty 8K comes with a flash disk that stores everything you need to get ready. You can find the user manual for the printer, test print files, and the compatible slicer software for the printer. Geoff was thrilled since, for the first time ever, he found his favorite slicer software included in the flash disk, Lychee Slicer.

The Best User Interface on a 3D Printer

What excites Geoff the most about the machine is perhaps the 3.5 inches color touchscreen that provides sharp, clear images with colors complementary to the printer's design. It might look bluish on the camera, but it's actually gray with orange accents. Geoff loves how it's delightful on the eyes that he called it the best 3D printer user interface he has ever seen, which is not to take with a grain of salt considering the amount of 3D printers he has tried.

Sonic Mighty 8K's funky screensaver

As Geoff ponders to name his printer 'Dave' through the touchscreen with a full-on qwerty keyboard, the touchscreen goes to a 'funky'—as he called it— screensaver mode. "It's beautiful, it's clear, and it's an absolute triumph for Phrozen. This is the way user interface should be done."

When you first turn on the machine, it'll lead you straight to the tutorial setup. It starts with an LCD screen test, the z-axis calibration, then it asks you to run a test print. Simply tap on 'Print' if you are printing your XP Finder test print with the Phrozen Aqua-Gray 8K, or feel free to tap back and slice the model with your preferred resin. For Geoff, it's an easy choice to just print with the Aqua-Gray 8K— his personal favorite resin. From his experience, he found the resin could be a little brittle. But for the very crisp details it offers, it's worth it. Just make sure to clip your supports instead of tearing them.


Should You Get the Sonic Mighty 8K?

Although he feels that the XP Finder requires a longer bottom exposure time to print to his liking, the Ameralab town test print and the Open Source test ring came out every bit as good as expected. He also printed out the Cyborg Skull ring that he designed himself to compare it with the results he got from the Sonic Mini 8K. Unsurprisingly, it's hard to pick flaws as it came out to be a really great print.

Ameralab test town printed on Sonic Mighty 8K

All over, Geoff can confidently say that the Sonic Mighty 8K didn't disappoint.


Sonic Mighty 8K's Features You'll Love

It might be slightly more expensive compared to others, but you can see how it was materialized into the connectivity options with Wi-Fi and Ethernet that allows you to import files to your printer straight from your PC, and the now available Phrozen GO App that allows you to monitor your printing progress remotely. In addition, the quality of the build is a significant advancement. But again, the part that Geoff undeniably likes a lot, is the fantastic user interface which makes everything easier, especially for those who have never 3D printed before.

So, will VogMan recommend you getting the Sonic Mighty 8K?

The answer is a big fat YES!

He believes that you won't regret getting the printer. Especially with Phrozen being the first ever to come up with the 8K printer, it's easy to see how the experience has helped them to come up with such excellent quality prints. "It looks great, it's easy to use, it has connectivity, and it prints brilliantly. In short, Phrozen has impressed me."

Want to hear more about what VogMan has to say about this flawless LCD 3D printer? Then, watch the video below. Or see what he got to say about the new Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit that also dries!


VogMan (formerly VegOilGuy, formerly VOG) or also known as Geoff, is someone who enjoys figuring out how things work, as well as finding the best and easiest way to do things. Geoff shares unboxing videos of 3D printers, 3D printing tips, and tricks, casting tutorials, and pretty much anything that interests him. You can check out his works on his website—VogMan, or on his Youtube channel under the same name. 

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Mike Terrell

Mike Terrell

I have a couple of questions. Is there a screen protector that you can recommend? What type of release film does it come with?
Phrozen Technology replied:
Hello Mike, thank you for commenting. You can find LCD screen protector for Sonic Mighty 8K on our website through the URL down below, and the Mighty 8K comes with FEP film. Hope this helps!


Best, Phrozen Team


I have a couple of questions. Is there a screen protector that you can recommend? What type of release film does it come with?
Phrozen Technology replied:
Hello Mike, thank you for commenting. You can find LCD screen protector for Sonic Mighty 8K on our website through the URL down below, and the Mighty 8K comes with FEP film. Hope this helps!


Best, Phrozen Team


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