Sonic Mini 8K S In-Depth Review by Dennys Wang

Sonic Mini 8K S In-Depth Review by Dennys Wang

See what the expert has to say about the Sonic Mini 8K S!

After the successful launch of the Sonic Mini 8K, we aim to revolutionize the world with a powerful 8K resolution 3D printer at such an affordable price, the Sonic Mini 8K S.

As one of the group experts, Dennys is one of the first to receive this new affordable 3D printer, and he is thrilled to share his in-depth review of this machine.

Dennys gave a detailed review of this printer, how this resin 3D printer compares to its Sonic Mini 8K predecessor, and the remarkable printing results. In this article, you will find everything you'll need to know about the cheapest resin printer in the 8K class. Some of the main points that we will cover include:

  • Comparison between the Sonic Mini 8K and Sonic Mini 8K S.
  • A detailed review of this high quality resin printer.  
  • The printing results of the Sonic Mini 8K S.


Difference Between Sonic Mini 8K S and Sonic Mini 8K

What's this hype all about?

The Sonic Mini 8K S might be very similar to its older brother, the Sonic Mini 8K, but a lot of the experts have mentioned that it could be better.

Comparing the Sonic Mini 8K S with Sonic Mini 8K

With the same 22 microns resolution, it was the real cutting-edge technology around one or two years ago. But Phrozen has brought this technology to the mass by offering it at just $349.99 (and even cheaper if you join the pre-order waitlist and get this printer on the first three days of the pre-order).

Dennys took a deep dive into this research and made a remarkable test comparison of the two.

Both the Sonic Mini 8K and Sonic Mini 8K S have the same build plate size. However, the one in the Sonic Mini 8K S was equipped with an additional groove for better grip.

The Sonic Mini 8K S building plate

The Sonic Mini 8K might have a dual linear rail, whereas the Sonic Mini 8K S only has one, but it's much thicker at about 20 millimeters. Therefore, the wider rail still ensures stability and great printing results.

Both of the resin vat are of the same size and is transferable. However, the Sonic Mini 8K S has lightweight screws compared to the Sonic Mini 8K. The USB port of the Sonic Mini 8K is located at the front of the device, while the Sonic Mini 8K S USB port is on the side of the device.

The grille of the Sonic Mini 8K is located at the side with a fan on its rear, whereas the Sonic Mini 8 K's grille is at the bottom of the printer.


How Do Different Case Colors React to UV Light?

Comparing three different UV case color

Looking back, the three Sonic Mini series printers are designed with three different case colors. The oldest one, the Sonic Mini 4K, has a yellowish-brown case, while the Sonic Mini 8K is equipped with a warm orange case. This time, the Sonic Mini 8K S came with a fluorescent bright green case. Dennys tested all three covers to see how the UV lights were blocked by each color.

To his surprise, the brown case blocked about half of the UV light intensity, while the orange and the fluorescent green on the 8K blocked the UV light entirely at 100%.


In-Depth Review of the Sonic Mini 8K S

Next, Dennys did in-depth tests with the printer that include:

Sonic Mini 8K S Build

The build of the Sonic Mini 8K S is robust, with all the crucial parts made of metal and the body casing made with high-quality plastic. The resin vat is a decent size, and there's a protective film layer for the LCD screen.

Despite the single linear rail on the Sonic Mini 8K S, the Z-tower is actually looking very robust and strongly built.

Noise Check

    Doing the test in the middle of the night, Dennys found the Sonic Mini 8K S is extremely silent, with the only sound coming from the hum of the machine.

    Light Uniformity

    Checking light uniformity on Sonic Mini 8K S LCD panel

    The Sonic Mini 8K S offers an incredibly high light uniformity, with every area of the screen falling between 2.7–3.3 intensity. Overall, seemingly better in comparison to the Sonic Mini 8K, though Dennys mentioned that it could also be due to the Sonic Mini 8K being a few years old compared to the brand-new Sonic Mini 8K S.

    Dial Indicator Test

    For the dial indicator test, Dennys found that the result was very accurate, with each pedal coming back to its original place. This should mean there won’t be any wobble issues, and it also ensures the printer is stable.

    Inside of the Printer

      Upon opening the device, Dennys found that Sonic Mini 8K S actually had a fan inside, which means it is a very quiet fan, as he didn't notice it in the first place. Furthermore, the Sonic Mini 8K S is equipped with a Phrozen mainboard compared to the previous Chitubox unit. By changing the mainboard, Phrozen can now develop its own file format, the .PRZ file, which makes it more compatible with Phrozen printers.


      Printing Results of the Sonic Mini 8K S

      Next, Dennys did his thorough and comprehensive test prints.

      Test Prints

        When Denny did the first test print, he was impressed with the results. His first full plate print looks very good.

        Comparing 50 Microns vs. 30 Microns Layer

          Comparing XP Finder printed on 30 microns and 50 microns

          Dennys can't find much difference between the results of the 50 microns layer with the 30 microns layer. One difference he found was that in 30 microns, the delicate little details on the corner of XP Finder looked slightly overexposed. Other than this, the result of both microns looks pretty much the same.

          Wobble and Stability Test

            The next test that Denny did was the stability test. During the first stability torture test, the model had really faint wobble lines. However, after a few runs, there were no longer wobble lines as the loop spread was now even.

            Dimensional Accuracy

              Dimensional accuracy test on a model printed with Sonic Mini 8K S

              Dennys printed an empty cube to test out the dimensional accuracy. To his surprise, the box was printed with incredible precision to perfection, with both the X-axis and Y-axis of the box hitting the spot at exactly 20.00 mm.

              Bumping Test

                Lastly, Denny did the bumping test on the printer. He intentionally bumped the printer during printing and found that a few unwanted lines had appeared on the model printed by the Sonic Mini 8K S. According to Dennys, this is the exact reason why he's not a fan of a single-rail printer. But apart from making sure your printer is safe and sound during printing, the overall result is impressive.


                So, Is the Sonic Mini 8K S That Good?

                The Sonic Mini 8K S is a high quality resin printer that is now available at an extremely affordable price. Despite being one of the most affordable 3D printers in the collection, the result you get from this printer is fantastic. It can print fine details on the miniatures and allows you to make realistic and high-quality-looking statues.

                Incredible details printed with Sonic Mini 8K S

                Dennys personally love this printer much better than Sonic Mini 8K. With all the fantastic features such as powerful UV light exposure, the anti-aliasing, and incredible details, there's nothing that could go wrong with this printer.

                He highlights that although he's not usually a fan of a single-rail printer, the Sonic Mini 8K S might have just changed his mind.

                Watch his full review of the Sonic Mini 8K S below:

                If you are interested in the Sonic Mini 8K S, make sure to place an order before June 7th to get one free Aqua 8K Resin and free shipping to selected regions. Pre-order the Sonic Mini 8K S now!

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