5x Impact Endurance Power

Partnered with Loctite®, Phrozen ONYX Impact Plus offers 5x impact-resistant power for heavy-duty daily projects and engineering applications.

。Super Shock Resistance 

。Bendable and Resilient Material

。Incredibly Strong Weight Endurance

。Powered by Loctite®

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Shockproof & Unbreakable

Ultra-high impact resistance that withstands even the most vigorous attacks continuously.

Super Strong — Sustain More Than 150 KG

With an extreme weight endurance power, a single 6mm thick board printed with the Phrozen Onyx Impact can sustain the weight of a motorcycle!

Bend It, Curl it, and Twist It

Phrozen ONYX Impact Plus is highly durable and resilient. It’ll maintain its integrity and always return to its original shape.

Print Your Own Gears With 5x Endurance Power!

Super strong and unbreakable to hold your heaviest bag.

Sturdy and reliable to securely hold your phone.

Longlasting & durable even for frequent daily usage.