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Are you a 3D printer user, creating various types of projects? Do you need dependable, versatile 3D printing resins that will be good for any simple type of print-outs? Our 3D standard printing resins will be ideal for you.

3D standard printing model resins – Ultimate quality for every-day items

There are many professionals printing 3D items as a part of their jobs. They require top-notch resins capable of preserving every detail of their projects. These are often expensive. If you are an amateur printing only small figures and every-day items, there is a cheaper solution for you – our 3D standard printing resins. With them, you will have professional quality at a non-specialist price!

What should every-day, typical items be like? Durable and pretty. This is exactly what you can achieve with our 3D standard resins. With them, you will create long-lasting projects, easy to paint and quick to print. So no matter whether you want to print out your favorite action figure, or a wonderful Halloween mask, Phrozen’s 3D standard printing resins are the best choice.

Why are 3D standard printing resins worth it?

We offer a variety of standard 3D printing resins with numerous benefits. So, what kind of resins can you order?

  • Low odor – All our printing resins are safe to use and prepared with maintaining a neutral smell in mind. Unlike other products, with them, you won’t have to excessively ventilate your room after each use of our 3D standard printing resins.

  • Great for painting – Often a 3D printout is just a starting point. You need to add the finishing touches to make the final item. We realize that, thus our products are easy to paint – application of colors is effortless compared to other standard 3D printing resins. So, if you love to modify your figures, our resins will be an excellent choice.
  • Cheap  – Many 3D printing resins are designed for certain purposes. As a result, they are expensive and might not be the best choice for simple, everyday-use items. Our standard printing resins combine quality and versatility with low price, which makes them the perfect choice for non-specialized 3D printing.
  • Speed – We also offer high-speed 3D printing resins. With them, you can create even the largest projects up to  8x faster than usual. However, bear in mind that printing time may increase with the projects' resolution.
  • Colorful – While some people prefer painting their printed-out items, others will appreciate colorful models. We understand both of these needs, therefore we included a plethora of colors into our offer.

Our standard 3D printing resins – who are they for?

Our standard 3D model printing resins are not only for amateurs. They are for people who desire versatility. While for some items, it is better to choose a specialized resin, such as 3D jewelry resins, if you create numerous projects varying in shapes and sizes, our standard 3D resins will be much better. Think about your needs and order the best resins tailored to them!