Design Prototyping Made Easy

Empowered by the most prestigious chemical company BASF, Phrozen Protowhite Rigid Resin (the “Protowhite”) enables designers to conduct in-house prototypes efficiently before moving onto the manufacturing stage.

Phrozen Protowhite Rigid Resin

ㅤ◆ㅤEmpowered by BASF Forward AM
ㅤ◆ㅤHigh-Strength & Impact Resistant
ㅤ◆ㅤVisualize Your Ideas Easily
ㅤ◆ㅤIncrease Your Efficiency With Prototyping

Key Feature Highlights

Rigid Resin Empowered by BASF Forward AM

Phrozen Protowhite Rigid Resin empowers industrial designers to solve design challenges and increase efficiency during the design validation phase by creating rigid and impact resistant 3D models.