How 3D Printing Can Play a Role in the Music Industry

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on December 01 2021

3D printing has the potential to change the world of music. With 3D printing, you have the freedom to create diverse musical instruments with innovative designs. Create 3D models of all shapes and sizes — from a super tiny flute to standard sized instruments. 

Any musical instrument can be made and customized through your favorite 3D printers! You can either create your own 3D designs or download free or paid 3D print files from websites such as, myminifactory, or more!

There are many instruments that can be created with 3D printing. This includes instruments from guiros and maracas to guitars and trumpets. Let’s find out more:


What Types of Instruments Can You Create with 3D Printing?

3D Printed Harps

3D designs of harps can easily be searched for online. Although 3D models of mouth harps have limited sounds, they can produce magical music if they are created perfectly.

With 3D printing, you can create high-quality mouth harps at an affordable price.

3D Printed Ocarina

Similarly, the ocarina is also a handheld wind instrument that produces beautiful sounds and can be created easily with a 3D printer at home.

Did you know that the Ocarina is one of the oldest music instruments out there? Create your favorite 3D printed model of an Ocarina that is an exact copy with 3D print files that are available online.

3D Printed Violins

Violins are old musical instruments that produce sweet sounds for the ears. However, you can also use different 3D designs for your violin to have a unique look.

You can customize it by adding your own name or the name of your favorite musician onto the 3D printed guitar as part of a 3D printing project.

3D Printed Guitar

Flickr / Maurizio Pesce

Who wouldn’t love a customized guitar? With dozens of 3D printing designs available online, why not create a high-quality guitar with a distinct style? Take this as a challenge to create a guitar for yourself, friends, or family, as a fun project!

3D Printed Trumpet

For 3D printing beginners who are interested in creating their own musical instruments, you can start with trumpets instead of saxophones as these can be a bit complex to print. With numerous innovative 3D designs available online, you can easily start creating your favorite instrument at a touch of a button.

You can use the Sonic Mini 4K to create smaller sized musical instruments such as a mouth harp or an ocarina while the Sonic Mega 8K is perfect for creating larger-sized 3D printed musical instruments such as a flute or a violin.

Want to know what other music-related items you can create as part of your 3D printing project? Let’s find out:

3D Printed Speakers

3D printed speakers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. With 3D models readily available, this provides you with an opportunity to create high-quality speakers that are enhanced in both shape and performance. Some 3D print files may be available for free, however, you may need to purchase others yourself.

If you’re creatively gifted, why not design one yourself? You can now create your own 3D printed speakers with ease.

3D Printed Records

Here's a fun fact: The world’s first 3D printed record was actually produced with resin 3D printing! This was a significant step for the music industry.

Blogger Scott Eliot designed an imitation of 45 Vinyl record which became the world’s first 3D printed model of a record after Amanda Ghassaei converted the audio so that it would be able to play a song.

3D Printed Headphones

For 3D printed headphones, all you need are 3D print files that are either free or paid, to create your desired 3D printed model! You can easily customize the headbands of your headphones with 3D printing.

Feel free to renew your off-the-shelf headphones by replacing just the body of the headphones with a customized 3D printed design that represents you.


Owning a 3D printer can give you access to create a ton of different 3D models as part of a musical project. Click here to learn about more other applications for 3D printing.

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