5 Halloween 3D Printing Ideas For You

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on October 29 2021

Halloween — it’s one of the craziest times of the year! You get to dress up in spooky costumes, attend Halloween parties, go trick-or-treating, and decorate your house with 3D printed models so that it looks as scary as possible! Resin 3D printing is a great way to create frightening home decor to make your house look haunted, just in time for Halloween.

We here at Phrozen have come up with a couple spooky Halloween 3D printing ideas for you. Use the Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 Resin to create strong, sturdy, and spooky 3D printed designs that are perfect for Halloween celebrations. Let’s go!

3D Printed Halloween Spider & Spider Webs

With resin 3D printing, you can also create realistic Halloween spiders. Here’s why this is a fun 3D printing idea. You can place this in your living room, or decorate on the walls to scare your friends and family! 3D printed spiders are a great Halloween decoration as these creepy critters are commonly with witches and the likes, which makes it an ideal Halloween prop. Feeling creative? You can also stick these 3D printed designs of Halloween spiders on your outfit for the celebrations and roam around town.

You can also use resin 3D printing to create spooky spider webs that can easily be placed on the windows of your house. This is a great way to instantly “hauntify” your house, as it gives an illusion of spider webs being present, adding spooky vibes to your house.

Use the Phrozen Onyx Pro410 Resin to print out durable Halloween home decorations that won’t change in shape and are long-lasting. Feel free to reuse your Halloween props the next time around!

3D Printed Jack-O'-Lantern

Here’s another 3D printing idea: Jack-O'-Lanterns!

Jack-O'-Lanterns are such an important part of Halloween tradition. Every year, kids gather around and carve out pumpkins with evil facial expressions as this symbolizes evil spirits. After the pumpkins are carved, candles are then placed inside and the Jack-O'-Lanterns are placed outside the house to spook up the atmosphere.

Carving out Jack-O'-Lanterns can be a tedious process, so why not turn to resin 3D printing instead? Resin 3D printing drastically speeds up the process and helps you produce a wide variety of 3D printed designs of Jack-O'-Lanterns, with different expressions and sizes, in one go! After you’re done, you can easily place a candle inside the 3D printed Jack-O'-Lanterns and decorate them on the front or back porch, or even the living room.

3D Printed Giant Zombie Hands

Let’s take a look at this wall of horror. It’s filled with giant, zombie hands that are holding candles to illuminate the space. The way the hands seem like they’re just reaching out of the wall...doesn’t it look creepy? BUT, these 3D printed models are a great idea for creating a haunted wall filled with scary 3D printed designs in your house for the Halloween celebrations. The wall can be decorated with candles, lanterns, or any other Halloween prop you can think of.

With the Onyx Rigid Pro410, you can create strong 3D printed models that do not break and fall off easily.

3D Printed Spooky Pen Holder

‘Tis the season...for spooky pen holders! You can add this creative Halloween home decoration everywhere in your house during Halloween season. This is why this is a great 3D printing idea, since it’s also a functional 3D printed model, you can continue to use it even after Halloween is over.

Just look at the tiny hands all over the pen holder, looking to grab anything and everything it comes across. This 3D printed model comes with a creative design that makes it seem like there are people coming out of the ground to seek revenge.

Phrozen Onyx Pro410 is perfect for creating 3D printed models that can be used as both decorations and functions items at the same time!

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